Friday Flowers and Baby Girl update….

Isn't this gorgeous??

I got this lovely bouquet yesterday…and let me just say, I am not someone who often receives flowers, so when one arrives on my desk, it’s a big deal for me, ok? And this one fits all the criteria for being outstanding….bright colors that pop, unique arrangement, and a great pot that I can use afterwards. I love it….and I even love the card that came along with it….from A Garden of Earthly Delights. Major props for the giver(who sent it in congrats for being in Baltimore’s Best this year….Rob Roblin and I had a good chuckle about both of us being chosen….we decided that if you wait long enough, you’ll get picked), and kudos for the flower designer, Carole Langraff. You rocked it Carole…

Great card.....

And I even like your business card, though it stands to reason that if someone has the design sense to do such pretty arrangements, you’ll also have a great looking  business card. And this one is waterproof….it won’t get all tatty looking in your wallet like paper ones do.

Oh, and J-Fran and I were talking cats this morning…that’s reporter and weekend anchor Jennifer Franciotti, who sits across from me in our long undulating rows of desks. She and I have shared cat traumas….you know…cats who don’t like the litter box. She asked this morning if Baby Girl was doing ok…and it was a pleasure to tell her, yes indeedie…Baby Girl has not had one of her “deliberate accidents”(that I know of, let me say) in several weeks. And it’s such a pleasure to come home and not have to, ummm… go straight into cleanup mode. J-Fran’s cat Bubba has had similar issues..she went straight to cat Valium….bingo…no problems, just like that. Baby has continued on her Prozac, though I truthfully don’t know if that is a big factor or all the other things I did…or maybe int’s a combination. Who knows? But I will continue all of them, in hopes of a permanent fix. So far, so good.

What’s in store for the weekend? Going for brunch/lunch at The Source tomorrow in D.C. with some friends who used to live in Columbia, but since they both work in D.C., they sold their house and moved into a cozy and very pretty condo there. I’ll take some pictures of how they downsized and show them to you next week….

The master...Wolfgang Puck

Oh, and The Source is a Wolfgang Puck(of Spago fame) restaurant…never been there, full report  coming up. Have a great weekend everyone, be nice, don’t throw rocks and come home safe…’cause we miss you.


8 Responses

  1. GORGEOUS bouquet!!!!

  2. I like your blog. I just came across it today. I plan to read as often as possible. It will give me a fresh new perspective while watching you report the news 🙂 Now you are not just a talking head in the television 🙂

    Ellicott City

  3. OH, Tammy I’m still a talking head, but now you know I’m a head with flowers on my desk and a problematic cat named Baby Girl!!! Thanks for reading my blog!

  4. Have a great weekend, Donna!!! Love your blog!!!

  5. I’m more interested in the box of tapes that are labeled Henna Tattoo. Is that an upcoming story?

    Glad Baby Gaga is doing better and congratulations on being one of Baltimore’s Best.

  6. Aren’t you the observant one, Ryan…as to that I am sworn…ok, contracted…to secrecy. I need to be more careful with my framing. And how do you know it is a box of tapes? Perhaps it is a box of henna….and tatoos. You’ll have to wait to find out…and thank you. Baby sends her regards…

  7. Because it’s a Sony box and looks just like the one behind the newsroom flash cam that says Sony Tapes.

  8. Donna – love, love, love the blog! How about posting some photos of your desk? The flowers were lovely but gee I’d love to see where you work. Since you were named one of “Baltimore’s Best” and deservedly so I’d like to see where it all comes together. That in itself could be a very interesting blog! So from one Donna to another, have a great weekend and thanks for letting all of us peak into your life, it always makes me smile.

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