Little girls and handbags….

That's Madison on the left, Emmaleigh on the right....

I was in Carroll County earlier this week, shooting a health story about one of the two precious little girls you see above…I won’t tell you the nature of the story(it would spoil the surprise and someone else might grab it-you know how journalists are), but I think you’ll find it interesting. I knew the focus of the story was five years old….and I also know how shy little girls can be, so what could help be an ice-breaker for a little girl? A present, that’s what.

So I went into my daughter’s old room(which looks, by the way, as if she slept there last night and still occupies it)….because she has a rather extensive handbag collection that has spanned the years. I found two cute little bags, just made for  little girls. 

Vera and Lilly...better together...

 The one with the wooden handle is a Lily Pulitzer, and you can switch covers on it( if you have an additional cover that is), and the other is a cute pink and white gingham Vera Bradley wristlet. My daughter really never used these bags, so they were in pretty much perfect condition. So I wrapped them in tissue and off I went.

As you might expect, they were a big hit. Little girls love pink and green..and they love purses….so it was a win-win….and the thaw was instant. Seriously, these two will win your heart when you see the story(I’ll let you know when it’s gonna be on)….

Al and his delish Carroll County tomatoes

And as we’re on our way back to the station….I begged the photographer Howard Melnick, to stop at a roadside vegetable stand. I had missed the weekend’s farmer’s market, and so was tomato-less…a sad predicament to be in, mid summer. The farmer’s name is Al…he bought his place in Eldersburg in 1965…and he says his Father used to own the land that Wal-Mart is on out there…his Dad sold it for around $30 thousand dollars, and then it was sold to Wal-Mart for five million. Sigh….but he loves Eldersburg…”Isn’t it pretty around here?”, he asked. I assured him it was indeed lovely. And when I asked did he really grow the tomatoes, he looked at me oddly, and said, “It’s not that hard growing tomatoes.”…..easy for him to say. But Al, I am very much enjoying the fruit of your labor….had a fantastic BLT with avocado for dinner that night. And thanks to all of you…for your tomatoes, and the story.


4 Responses

  1. Miss. Hamilton,
    YOU were absolutely delightful. Thank you so much for coming out to the house, and especially for making my girls feel like 2 little princesses. They adore the purses! I can honestly say that my little Emileigh has not put hers down once! And Madison is very proud of hers as well!
    Thank you, again. Out of this whole horrendous ordeal, your visit was a positive experience.

  2. I know these darling little girls and their wonderful parents. Thank you so much for covering a story that NEEDED to be told!

  3. Talk about a teaser….
    I used to have a Bermuda purse( the one with wooden handles) and I loved how you could change the look with just a new cover. They were very preppy.

  4. I don’t know a thing about these girls but I cannot wait to see the story. I’ll be watching your blog to know when it will be on so I will set my DVR. I dont’ get to watch the news like I used to and I don’t want to miss this.

    As for the maters… Nothing like fresh garden tomatoes. I’m participating in a CSA this year (splitting a share with a friend) and I have tasted heirloom tomatoes for the first time. Oh my gosh! I will be GROWING them next year!

    Love the blog!

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