Baby Gaga Prozac update…readers share their problems

Quite a few of you were interested in my problems with Baby Girl( who is still pee-free btw)…the inappropriate peeing and going on prozac…and some of you had ideas and questions. Here goes:

This from Debbie:  “My best friend  is at her wit’s end with the same problem with her cat, and is about ready to take her to the shelter (so sad — she’s otherwise a really nice kitty).  I shared your blog with her, and she was curious who your vet is that prescribed Prozac — I told her I would ask.  Can you share?”

I would indeed…Dr. Heather Graddy at  Westview Animal Hospital did the prescribing…she has been really helpful in trying to get to the bottom of this behavior(sometimes it can be something like a door that scares your cat). And if you’ve on the verge of getting rid of your pet, all avenues should be explored…even drugs.

This from Lainey: “Donna – something did change (don’t remember when though) when your daughter moved out. She also likely brings Spencer’s scent when she visits.Just and FYI too, cats hate citrus so placing orange peels or spritzing with citrus scented stuff is a good deterrent in general (not sure if it would help with Baby Girl’s issue, though).

Lainey, I did not know about citrus being a cat repellant, though I have some and will definitely employ it! Thanks for the tip.

And finally, from Stephanie…..”My Cat’s name is baby girl (3-4)years old also has the same issue. My problem is that she was fixed and she has an ovarian remnant in which she need surgery when she goes in to her heat periods and after she is out of heat she starts to pee on things or she is holding her pee she has had a bad bladder infection. She pees on anything and everything she has even pee when i went to pick her up. I didnt know about the citrus either maybe i will try that as well. how did you get the prozac would love to try that to see if it would help her. do you need to get from a vet?? I just cant afford the surgery as I’m out of work.”

Wow, that is a serious problem Steph…you must be at your wit’s end! I’d call the vet who did the surgery and see if you can negotiate a reduced rate for further surgery. I spoke with Dr. Graddy about it…she said there are some tests you can do to see if that is the issue, but the only answer is probably(as you know) another surgery. You might also ask about valium for your cat…it’s a more serious and immediate fix(and I’ve heard it works wonders), though riskier for the animal’s health as I understand it. But then, you also have a serious problem. Prozac takes weeks to kick in. Let me know what happens!


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  1. So happy to hear Baby Girl is doing better. I am also happy to hear that Prozac now comes in liquid form for cats. When Dolce had to go on Prozac for the same issues, I had to pick it up at a regular pharmacy and cut the little blue pills in half. She knew how to eat around her pill pockets and would foam at the mouth instead of swallowing it!!!

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