Baby’s on Prozac….

She looks so sweet...doesn't she??

Well, it’s finally come to this…Baby Girl…alias Baby GagaB to the G…is on drugs. I went to a place called Professional Arts Pharmacy a week or so ago, to pick up a prescription of Prozac, for Baby.  It was recommended by my vet for a “little problem” we’ve been having for a while now….Baby relieving herself  in unexpected places(though after a while it’s expected and you look for it). She had several nooks of which she was very fond….a cabinet by the television, any bags left on the floor-danger zone(sorry about your messenger bag, lovely Jennifer)….our shredder at one time, though it did fall out of favor. And I tried everything…all the kitty feel good products of sprays and little scent balls that plug-in(and aren’t cheap let me tell you) that are supposed, to let Baby know that all is well. Not.

The first thing the vet asked me, was what I had already asked myself….what’s changed around the house(nothing)...has anything or anyone new been introduced(no)…is anything causing Baby stress(are you kidding? After I die I want to come back as Baby!)…in other words, she’s just acting out…cause unknown. But as we all know, this is a situation that causes a great deal of stress in the house, as you have to leap of top of a “situation” before it has a chance to cause permanent damage. Luckily we don’t have carpet(oh, the horror of that…I truly feel for those of you with carpet and this issue), and a stone floor is pretty easy to clean, but still.  Just, no.

Liquid Prozac for Baby Girl....

So finally(after a checkup that revealed no physical issues) the vet suggested trying Prozac, saying that it does help cats about  90% of the time(evidently there is quite a big club of us inappropriate-peeing-cat-owners…I know of  two others here at WBAL, whom you would know, but want to remain anonymous). And the people behind the counter at Professional Arts Pharmacy..they evidentally compound a lot of drugs including liquid Prozac for animals….assured me lots of cats take it. I know it takes weeks to take effect, whether in animals or humans, but I will say Baby hasn’t had an accident in almost a week….I’m ecstatic and I’m giving her much love and praise. and I think something else may have helped…when we went on vacation for 10 days we sent Baby to boarding school.  The  Kitty Castle(here’s a link) is run by some extremely nice women…cat people, obviously. Baby loved it, and I loved not worrying about what she was doing at home while I was gone, and she had no problems while there, and used only her litter box…I think the change of scene helped create a break in the bahavior. Maybe Baby Gaga needed a holiday too!

Kitty Castle...boarding school for Baby Girl...

Baby also now  has three litter boxes to choose from in the basement, with 3 different litters…. I know, I know.  The extra litter box(one more litter box than you have cats-)was a suggestion from animal behaviorist Mark Katz from Falls Road Animal Hospital, so maybe that is also helping. There is a great article I found that you might find helpful…here’s a link.


7 Responses

  1. Is she lying on the new Arhaus sofa?

  2. Why yes she is, Mary, yes she is…it’s one of her favorite spots(to sleep, that is). She hasn’t done anything like that on the new sofa….that would break my heart.

  3. Donna – something did change (don’t remember when though) when your daughter moved out. She also likely brings Spencer’s scent when she visits.

    Just and FYI too, cats hate citrus so placing orange peels or spritzing with citris scented stuff is a good deterrent in general (not sure if it would help with Baby Girl’s issue, though).

    My kitty, Jetta, was given the final gift of love on June 22nd. She had kidney failure and yes, I was spraying with some good stuff all the time. poor little thing, I couldn’t yell at her, even when she was on the top of the couch going to town…

    Glad BG is doing better!

  4. Oh Lainey, that is so sad….my sympathies. I know, how can you yell at a pet who is sick? Luckily no sofa issue…and I have tried a citrus spray! Maybe that’s helping…I did not know cats didn’t like citrus!

  5. Thanks, Donna. My Jetta was my baby girl….

    Anyway, yes, cats LOATHE citrus. So if you have plants (or WANT to have plants) you can put peels in the planter (new ones frequently) or cotton balls with citrus oil on them. Helps in keeping or training them to stay off counters, tables, etc., places you don’t want them to go. IMHO it’s better than the spray bottle (if they see you spray them then they can fear, or worse, not fear! you) and the marbles/pennies in cans, well I can’t stand the noise so I won’t use that! And of course never use moth balls or anything toxic to kitty or humans.

    Cats CAN be trained. The trick is making them think they are training you!

  6. My Cat’s name is baby girl (3-4)years old also has the same issue. My problem is that she was fixed and she has an ovarian rement in which she need surgery when she goes in to her heat periods and after she is out of heat she starts to pee on things or she is holding her pee she has had a bad bladder infection. She pees on anything and everything she has even pee when i went to pick her up. I didnt know about the citrus either maybe i will try that as well. how did you get the prozac would love to try that to see if it would help her. do you need to get from a vet?? I just cant afford the surgery as Im out of work. wish you luck with your cat as well..

  7. sounds to me like the vet left the ovarian remnant should step up and remove it….am I wrong? That seems to be your problem….

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