Advice for Sarah Palin….one mom to another…

As they say in Great Britain......the adorable couple

I feel you do many other mothers out there. Whether we agree with your politics or not, Sarah….we feel you. Here’s about the only thing you can say(in my humble opinion) to a daughter who is embarking on what you believe is a disastrous course with a regretable man who has caused much pain and embarassment….in the words of that wise sage Maya Angelou, who’s seen her share of heartache…”Baby, when people tell you who they are…believe them.”  Then say no more.

Sure people can change, they can grow up, they can change(kinda)….but while it was perhaps  ok for Levi Johnston to say, “Hey Bristol, this is not what I signed up for when I dated you, and I’m not ready to marry anyone.” You can live with that…but when that person goes on to badmouth the family in public, embarrass everyone by posing nude in Playgirl, and just generally being a non-supportive jackass…well…Levi has shown you who he is.

Pics like this must make someone want to get out the darts....

But Sarah, here’s the thing….. there isn’t a dang thing you can do about it. You could cut off all financial support, but that would really only alienate your daughter and hurt your grandchild. Or you could cut them off emotionally, but that would only alienate your daughter and hurt your grandchild…see where I’m going here?

Really, your only choice is to bite your tongue and get with the program, girl. Smile for the camera, make nice, and bide your time. Your daughter and your grandchild will need you down the road….because you know who your son-in-law is…he told you.


7 Responses

  1. I must disagree with your assessment. People do change. Many studies have shown that teen brains are not fully developed and, therefore, teens make poor judgments. These two young people have spent more time in the media spotlight then is good for them. They have both made poor choices. Hopefully, they have learned and grown and will make better choices now and in the future. Will this marriage succeed? Who knows? Even the best matched couples don’t always last.

  2. Dear Carol,
    I hope you’re right!

  3. His 2 1/2 minutes of fame have died away and he is looking for any reason possible to keep is name fresh in the media. Evidently this includes the exploitation of his child, Bristol Palin, and really the entire Palin family. Funny how whispers of a Presidential run for Sarah Palin surfaced not too long ago as well. Would certainly fit his MO if she decided not to run and he slithered away again like the snake he really is.

  4. I love your second picture caption:

    “Pics like this must make someone want to get out the darts….”

  5. …well said…

  6. There’s probably a whole lot behind this that’s personal and private to the Palin family than we ever will – or should – know. I agree that Levi has shown the family who he is, and they will go forward knowing that.

    When did the expressions “I feel you, girl” and “we feel you” come about? It used to be “I feel for you” or “I feel badly for you.” But, “I feel you”? Just curious.

  7. Carol, it is a slang phrase meaning the same thing or really, or I understand you….
    Look it up!

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