It’s the Weekend, People!!

Muffy "rubbing out" my new cat mint!

OK, this has to be a quickie folks…it’s been a busy busy day but I feel bad if I don’t say a little sumthin-sumthin on Friday, as it’s my fave day. This will make you laugh….a very nice neighbor of mine had brought over two plants from his garden that I had admired, and one of them was cat mint.

So this morning I dutifully put it in the ground, and watered it well. I walked by about 30 minutes later and Muffy had discovered it. And not just discovered…..while she often likes to roll in the dusty(thanks Muffy), she was simply delirious with pleasure over this addition to the garden. Now I know why it’s called cat mint…but I need a new plant.

This weekend I’m giving a little dinner in the garden in honor of this year being  the 50th anniversary of  To Kill a Mockingbird ….with pimento cheese, friend chicken, collard greens, grits and sweet tea, of course. One must have sweet tea in the south. We’ve had an assortment of animals named after characters in the book over the years…a dog named Scout, cats named Calpurnia, Atticus, and Jean Louise….oh, and a bird named Boo. I’ll take pictures and share next week…and it looks like it will be southern-hot this weekend.

say it with me now....oooohhmmmmmmmmmmm....

Thanks for all the birthday wishes…I do appreciate each one:)…..and now, this picture is your moment of zen…a little water feature I made out of a copper fire pit on a stand…just add rocks, a pump from the Depot, and water of course, and listen to the burbling water…..ahhhh, so nice, oui? Don’t throw rocks, play nice and come safe this weekend….’cause we miss you.


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday!! I’ve been a fan of yours for longer than either of us would care to admit to!!

  2. Glad to see you had a nice birthday, Donna! As for the cat mint (cat nip), do be careful. It is in the mint family and will take over your garden if you let it. Not too mention all the kitteh’s that will come 🙂

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