Bison Burgers, coming up….

All grass fed...all natural...and all delicious.

I was at the increasingly well attended(some would say crowded) Sunday morning Baltimore City  farmer’s market under the JFX this weekend, and this time(unlike last week)I arrived early enough to get some ground bison….buffalo meat, ok?…. at Gunpowder Bison and Trading Company…here’s a link. Why, you may ask, would one eat bison? Oh dear reader…the benefits are many. Less fat than beef, grass fed, and raised without antibiotics, growth additives and hormones, and the flavor is just amazing.

Gonna be some bison burgers tonight.....get the grill ready

Really, I have grown excessively fond of bison burgers. And while you can  just slap patties on the grill, but I like to add some sautéed onion, a little Worcestershire sauce, and even some cooked quinoa(ok another new food for some of you…pronounced “keen-wa”…a wonderful grain very high in amino acids and other good stuff, gluten free)…cause when you add the grain, the bison meat goes much further, and it makes the burger even more moist and healthy….added benefit, quinoa cooks in about 12-15 minutes.  Gunpowder Bison is right up I-83 on Monkton Road, and they welcome visitors….I’ve never been, but they tell me you can see the bison grazing right outside the store where they sell all their products.

Two of the main ingredients: good quality vinegar and ice cream

I also made some gourmet strawberry/basamic vinegar  ice cream, the easy way, natch….in an effort to use up some local strawberries that were…umm… racing decay. And I think you’ll love it. I read this recipe a couple of years ago and adapted it. You may understandably wonder…balsamic vinegar in ice cream???…. but like salt and chocolate, it’s an unexpected but  magical combination. You should use a premium vanilla  ice cream, and the best balsamic vinegar you can reasonably afford. You don’t need much and I can assure you a good quality bottle of vinegar(mine is aged 25 years and cost around $30, though you can spend much, much more…painfully more), lasts a long time, and is just fabulous on many things, including salads. The better the vinegar, the sweeter and less sharp it is…no comparison.

Chop the fresh strawberries....

In hindsight I wish I had chopped the strawberries finer or perhaps pureed them, as they do end up frozen and they made it a little hard to dip the ice cream, but ….whatever.

just mix it all up...the vinegar adds a great contrast to the sweet..

Put the berries and 4 or 5 tablespoons of the vinegar into the softened


3 Responses

  1. Hi Donna – I have some frozen bison in my freezer, I just haven’t had the nerve to try it, yet! I have also heard that putting chopped mushrooms in with the bison adds moisture and of course extends the meat a bit. I LOVE quinoa. Just want to remind you and anyone who wants to try it and hasn’t to be sure to double rinse it before making it. The saponin can make it bitter, even though it is pre-rinsed, two more rinsing is really important. My absolute fave is organic black quinoa. Very crunchy and delish! I love grains!

  2. Me & my son agree on the deliciousness of Buffalo Burgers off the grill. Guess I’m simple by just using the commoners Montreal Steak Seasoning or good ol Salt & Pepper. The kielbasa is great also. Waiting on a slow sunday to marinate and devour a 2 lb London Broil from GBT. I usually hit them when I go up for a lax game in hereford w/ my son or Camp Puh’tok for my daughter’s elementary school trips. The buffalo will follow you up to the parking lot sometimes so you will see upcoming “sales”. You’ll enjoy the cat livin’ large on the buffalo hide in the store. They have treats for your kitty there, got some for my dog and she LOVES them!

  3. The buffalo burgers at Looney’s in Bel Air are so delicious! Lettuce, raw onion, tomatoes, and a dab of mayo make this one of the best burgers you will ever eat! The meat is juicy and tasty and low in fat. Try it, you’ll like it!

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