Jessica and Nick get a 2nd chance??

They're getting back together?

Seriously, that’s what I thought this morning when I was cleaning up my daughter’s old room…really more like an excavation. Because in spite of promises to come over and help me clean up the big old hot mess she left behind when she moved to her first apartment…..yeah, nothin’. So this  morning, in anticipation of my son and the lovely Jennifer coming in for the night, as they’re on their way to the Eastern Shore for a friend’s weekend wedding, I made a token effort at setting things to right. I put sheets on her bed, and put some extra unwanted clothes aside for Goodwill, and started putting about 3 dozen(at least) magazines and catalogues into the recycling. That’s when I realized how old this stuff was…some of it was almost in the collector category. Piled up some chick lit books to bring into work, and I had a quick taker for “You’ll Never Nanny in this Town Again“. Actually, I enjoyed that one myself….kind of like “Nanny Diaries” but with real names…no Mr X. I cannot imagine how the publisher escaped a lawsuit from the powerful people talked about…and maybe they didn’t. 

Wrappy McWrapwrap

We’re also doing an early celebration tonight for my daughter’s birthday while my son and daughter-in-law are in town, so last night I was wrapping gifts…why is it that always gives me a backache? Really…every time. But it’s done. And today, the new sofa arrives and the old one(fingers crossed) goes… a…way. 

Just a few of my "Sofa Notes"...could be the title of a book.

And I have amassed quite a compendium of resources as a result of all the reader comments(thank you!) and a little research I did trying to get rid of this thing….and I’ll put that together for you next week.  Actually, now that I washed its slipcover, it looks pretty darn good…so much so the hubby said, “Why are we getting rid of it?”…we just are sweetie, we just are. it’s time. The only possible hitch (think positive)is the truck that’s picking the old one up…may possibly be too full to take it. Iris at Rock City Church(a contact I got from Sheila, a habitat reader) said, they could probably get it but….it’s the last thing on the pickup list. (Send out positive energy.) I’m not sure what we’ll do if there are two big sofas…. think positive, think positive, think positive. 

Anyway, have to pick up a birthday cake at one place, and some scones for breakfast at another….Yes, I could have made them but I didn’t, ok?  Trust me when I say these are better than anything moi could have done. And it’s party time! Hope all of you have a great holiday weekend….I’m working on Monday, as are some of you no doubt…it’s no big thing.  It’s good to have a job. And I’ll let you know what happened in the saggy sofa saga(say that three times fast) Play nice and come home safe…’cause we miss you.

P.S. several hours later, I still have the old sofa…the group said it wasn’t good enough to take….:(  Back to square one.


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  1. Again the Mission Store in Sykesville about a 20 minute ride from Dickeyville straight up 70 to the Sykesville exit will take the sofa today up until 3 0 clock. Happy to have it!!! Get it in the back of a SUV or truck and its gone. Good luck

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