Saggy sofa 911…what to do with an old couch??

What my new sofa looks like......

Finally, I have a new sofa being delivered this Friday. The sofa in our family room has…well…seen better days. Much better days. I’ve ordered slip covers, which cover the surface, but the cushions are tired of being sat on by various derrieres, and have said, “That’s it, honey. We’re done“. So after probably a dozen years of hard living, a new sofa from Arhaus is being delivered this Friday. But never, never, never did I know I’d have such a problem getting rid of the old one. Because while this sofa is older, it still has a little life in it.

I tried Salvation Army…their first pickup avail  is well into the summer…and I have no place to store it until then. I called Goodwill…I was told by a very nice woman that they no longer do pickups. I said, “Maybe I can find a way to get it to you?” And she said, “We’re not accepting any upholstered furniture unless it’s in like new condition.” I said, “I’ll bet you don’t get much of that, do you?” She said, “Nope“. And like-new does  not describe my sofa…even though my daughter still loves it and hates to see it go. It is still pretty comfy. Perfect for a college apartment…you don’t have to worry about spilling something on it.

So while I hate the idea of putting something in a landfill….I went online to Baltimore City to schedule a bulk trash pickup. The link for pickup request no longer exists….so I called 311 to inquire about it..knowing with the current budget troubles, there had been talk of getting rid of bulk trash service. Anthony at 311 confirmed that this is the last month for bulk trash, and since the 4th Friday(as in this Friday) is my pickup day(see where I’m going here? One last pickup for old time’s sake?)….but Anthony quickly disabused me of that notion. “Oh, this Friday is a furlough day, so Baltimore City workers are off that day.” Damn. Budget problems coming home to roost…at my house.

So here’s a question for you…what does one do with a sofa one no longer wants? Hmmmmm? Leave it by the side of the road somewhere, with a note saying, “Please take care of me” ? ?  Just kidding everyone, I would never do that, but here’s the problem…lots of people will do that without a backward glance, if there’s no bulk trash pickup available. So what is already a problem in the city…trash dumping…will only get worse as the places to get rid of things close their doors.


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  1. You could try offering the sofa on Freecycle ( for someone. I use it all the time to get rid of stuff that I no longer want, and have also gotten some awesome things for free through freecycle. Best wishes.

  2. Purple Heart!! They call me weekly to check in to see if I have stuff for them to pick up. We do it about once a quarter and they are great. 🙂

  3. Hi there Donna,
    Have you tried or craigslist? Perhaps there is a shelter or half way house near by that could use the sofa? Post a note near one of the colleges— students living off campus can’t always afford furniture so maybe they could take the sofa? Best of luck in finding a solution to your situation. Have a great week!

  4. How about posting it on Craigslist?

  5. Put it on Craigs list, and someone will come and take it off your hands…works every time.

  6. Try Salvation Army and Purple Heart. Salvation Army picked up my old sofa last year.

  7. Donna,

    I feel your pain being a City dweller myself. Mayor Rawlings-Blake is going to have a messy City on her hands quickly if we do not have bulk trash pick-up reinstated (what happen to Mayor Dixon’s “Greener Baltimore”? I fear the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater on this one). Even if you WANTED to go to the dump with your old sofa, most of us don’t have a vehicle to accommodate such a large item.

    In the meantime, join Someone may want your couch and will pick it up from you. At least it won’t land in a landfill.

  8. As previously mentioned – is the way to go. I have picked up several old computer desks for the kids this way, and used it to give away lots of items that I no longer needed. It’s a great resource.

  9. Call the Rock City Church – Cromwell Bridge Rd – they will come & pick up used furniture. I got rid of a dining room set that way. You don’t have to put it outside, they will come in and do all of the hauling. Very polite workers.

  10. what a coincidence…there was an article in the sun newspaper today about the bulk service pick-up being discontinued…hope your sofa finds a happy home…

  11. Wow….I feel like I struck a nerve…and what great ideas. I’ve been to Freecycle, and signed up…we’ll see what happens. and I have a couple of other resources I’ve found I’ll share for all of you would be re-users out there. Thanks!

  12. We had one of those sofas…and it resided in our little garage for years because i thought my nephew might need it when he moved into his own place. Finally, and only because mice were nesting in it, my husband took it apart. It was amazing…when dismantled, that big couch was reduced to just two leaf bags of wood, padding, and cotton duck.

  13. Donna, the City is OPEN this friday, the last friday of the month. The furlough day was used with the last major snow storm … Anthony is misinformed (or having wishful thinking!). Make it a great day!

  14. Put it on Craig’s list for free. Someone will pick it up.

  15. I agree with Liz – I got rid of leftover firewood in March on Craigslist. If you put something – ANYTHING – in the free section of craigslist, someone will take it off your hands!

  16. Why would you have leftover firewood, just out of curiousity? Couldn’t you burn it this coming winter?

  17. My church collects furniture and other household items and then makes them available to those in need. We have helped many Phillopine teachers who are teaching in Baltimore City.

  18. If you still have it the Appalachian Outreach Mission would be happy to accept it. You do have to take is to them in Sykesville. They are open Thur, Fri and Sat and accept donations form nine till three. They are right off route 32 on College ave. Good cause good people!! I work there. Ha ha.

  19. Donna ,
    You could always try and do what I did when I needed to get rod of an old couch. I offered the delivery people 25 bucks to take it away and they did. It worked for me. I doubt they dumped it on the side of the road since they company name was all over the truck.

  20. I had an old couch a few years back. I took it out & put a “FREE” sign on it. Sat there for 2 days with no takers! I changed th sign to “FOR SALE $50” Within hours it was stolen!! Buzzy

  21. i always choose computer desks which are colored white because it looks very classy and very net-“`

  22. Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried including it to my Yahoo reader account but got absolutely nothing.

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