It’s Friday, People!!

Problem Nook is behaving!!

First of all, happy Friday to you….and let me announce, my Nook “issue” has been sol-ved. Evidently all  I needed was a download of 1.3  Nook, which while it says it will “enhance your Nook experience“…what it will actually do is solve a few gremlins in the machine, like the freezing issue, and I suppose that does enhance one’s Nook experience. Mine is now smooth as silk, and yes…..I love that little gizmo. Have already finished “Little Bee“, which I highly recommend and have dived into “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy. 

Chef Parks with Caprece Jackson-Garrett

Went to a lovely little soiree last night in a beautiful backyard garden for a tasting of the cuisine of Chef Bernard Parks(that’s event planner Caprese on his arm….he said, “always have a pretty woman on your arm”…), formerly of Creme Cafe in Washington D.C….he’s planning on opening a Baltimore Creme  on Charles Street, maybe by mid June!  The location…..the site of  the long ago and much beloved Louis’s Bookstore Cafe, and its later incarnation, Ixia.  And if last night is any indication, and I know it is…his food is kickin’. 

Ok, these were only fabulous....

We had little crab cakes on romaine lettuce with an unusual Caesar salad dressing…of which I wished I could take home gallon or so, it was that good. That was followed by Shrimp Risotto with Truffle Oil, Peking Duck Wraps with Hoisin Sauce, and Oxtail and Grits…hollah!! I’ve heard Creme’s chicken and waffles at brunch are off the hook, and people wait in a line down the street to get in for this signature dish(here’s a link to D.C. Creme’s menu), which will also be on the menu in Baltimore. That’s something to look forward to. 

Oh Anthony, you naughty boy....

Let’s see….I’m heading to the Hippodrome Theatre Saturday night to listen to the often hilarious and usually profane chef and author Anthony Bordain of No Reservations….if you’ve never read his book Kitchen Confidential….grab a copy..or download one on your eReader :)….it’s funny, horrifying and enlightening. I can guarantee you’ll never look at restaurant food the same way again. Have a great weekend…play nice and come safe.


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  1. Delighted you joined us for the premiere tasting of CREME’s signature menu entrees. Infinite thanks for spreading the word — an affordable, gourmet class dining experience with a comfy, cosmopolitan ambience perfect for urbane sophisticates is coming to Baltimore from Washington, D.C.! Fun, fun, fun! Long Live the NEW Baltimore–xo, Caprece!:>)

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