Hats to Hose…..and a Nook Hiccup

I love the name....and the people who work there...

Ok, we’ve talked about hats all week  people, and nothing about MY hat. I shall unveil it tomorrow, and actually I’d show you today but I don’t have it here and won’t get it until Preakness day. But here’s what I did. I hate shopping for a hat, and since I had a hat I wore several year ago and it fits my enormous alien head(yes, Lisa and Deb have pin heads, while mine is huge)…I took the hat to Phyllis Eley, custom milliner at Hat to Hose(love the name…so funny to say out loud)….and she is refurbishing it for me. Took off the black and white polka dot sash and is replacing it with navy grosgrain and red flowers to match my navy and red striped dress I’m wearing. And total credit for this idea goes to the lovely Lisa Robinson….she’s just so green…so into recycling…even hats. Love it. 

I know just how he feels.....

Ok, enough about Lisa….there has been an electronic hiccup already with the Nook. Night  before last, I was changing the font size(which is a great feature and you can also change the style), but the screen froze on the changing font page….at first I thought to turn it off but couldn’t….so next, “I’ll just give it a night to do whatever it’s doing”…but the next day….same thing. So I go online and google, “My Nook Froze“….I immediately saw I was not alone in this problem. The supposed fix? As there is no reset button on the Nook, you must pop off the back cover and take a teeny tiny screwdriver(oddly I had one for eyeglass fixes) and unscrew the single screw that holds the battery in(Why is a screw needed? I have no idea), pop the battery , wait a few minutes, plug the Nook into your computer with the battery still out and it will reboot. Then put the battery  back in, rescrew it, back on with the cover….I did all these laborious things and it did reboot, and them immediately froze on that screen. Enough. 

And as I don’t want to be always doing all of the above….and thinking maybe I just have a hinky Nook…you know, there are lemons in every bunch of electronics, I took it back last night to the place from whence it cometh. They took it back, and gave me a new one, no questions. I asked the girl if she had seen a lot of this, and she told me it was her first Nook swap. So I’m hopeful that this will be the cure…but as other posters out there have asked, was the Nook rushed out on the market before it quite ready for prime time? We shall see…..we shall see. I’ll let you know how it goes, because lots of people are interested in these gadgets, and are deciding between the Nook and the Kindle. They each have their advantages and the Nook honestly has features I value, that the Kindle doesn’t have. But I don’t want a problem ridden machine that’s always doing some glitchy thing, either. I’ll update the situation next week. 

And it’s Friday….I’ll see you tomorrow in person or on television at the Preakness…you can check out my hat then! Adios….I have to go get a pedi! Trust me… I need one.


4 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your Nook Donna. I got a Kindle for my birthday back in November and I love it. I remember reading an article on all of the various e-readers that were already out or were coming out, and the Kindle seemed to be the best for what I wanted. The only downside I remember is that you can’t trade books and maybe with the Nook you can? But (knock on wood) I have had no problems with my Kindle and it’s easy on my eyes. With a job in IT, I spend all day on a computer, and with the black & white screen, it doesn’t resemble a computer at all. My resent complaint though is more about the iPad – with it’s recent arrival, it has made all of the Kindle books more expensive 😦

  2. If your Nook continues to give your problems, you MUST look into the iPad. I was on the verge of getting a Kindle but ultimately decided on the iPad because of all the added functionality. If I want to read, I use my iPad. If I want to play Sudoku or do a crossword puzzle or even play a mindless game, I use my iPad. If I want to surf the internet, I use my iPad. No need to take multiple gadgets to do different things, it’s all in one. My iPad experience has been awesome, I have not had one problem with it, and I have not regretted or second quessed my purchase for a minute!

  3. My only quibble with the IPAD is that it is much bigger than the nook, making it less portable, at least for me. I know it can do some coo stuff though. I seem to have solved my Nook problems with a new download…..so, fingers crossed.

  4. Donna, I received a Nook for my birthday in March. I love it!! I was very hesitant at first – I didn’t think that I would like the feel of it, and miss turning the pages. But, not anymore. I love how easy it is to hold an use. I also love the sharing feature, although I only know one other person that has one – and she hasn’t bought many (any?) books yet. I just read The Help, which I highly recommend. It takes place in Jackson, Alabama. Email me if you want me to “lend” it to you 🙂

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