Got Shade?? Grow Moss!!

Famous moss garden at Saiho-ji in Kyoto, Japan

OK, I saw a commercial from Valley View Farms the other day…and those guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to plants…and Carrie Engel, who’s truly one of my fave people, was touting the benefits of a product called Moss-Out. It went something like”If you want to get rid of unsightly moss growing around your house, use Moss-Out and it will be gone!” I actually gasped…because at my house, we adore moss and baby it along trying to create a moss front yard.

I know, I know, some of you will think that’s insane, but moss is not only a lovely, soft green carpet year round…it will grow where grass REFUSES to flourish, no matter how much you try and how many dollars you spend replanting it. Forget it. Moss is your plant. You don’t have to water it, or fertilize it, or do anything to it really….it just does its lovely, green mossy thing. That’s what you call a sustainable lawn, people.


Seriously, why fight nature??

Moss’s a link….is a company that sells all kinds of moss and helps people grow it…. they even have a moss milkshake… you don’t drink it….it’s some kind of stuff you mix with bits of moss to help in making moss grow more quickly…because as hardy as moss is, it is a  slow grower. Moss Acres is having a workshop(see, I’m not alone) in northeast PA  in May to teach people about identifying and growing moss…they say it should be “fun, informative and visually soothing“. And I get that…moss IS visually soothing, like a velvety carpet…ever walk across it with bare feet? Heaven.  I think the tv shirt says it all. Got shade ..grow moss. Seriously.

So if you’re thinking about killing your moss…just stop, and contact me here on this blog, and I will possibly come remove the moss from your house(if it’s good enough) and move it to my house. That will save your putting some kind of weed killer on your lawn, and I get something that I want! And isn’t that we’re all about? Saving Mother Earth and making Donna happy? All it takes is a little moss. Think about it. OH, and happy Friday.

2 Responses

  1. Dear Donna,

    Thanks for featuring the Moss Milkshake and our new t-shirt on your blog. Yes, moss is the greenest of green plants and there are tons of people out there like you and me who LOVE moss! I receive emails daily from moss enthusiasts.

    Let me know if you need any more information about moss or would like to use information from our newsletter, for which you can sign up at

    Nancy Church
    Director, Business Development
    Moss Acres.

  2. I, too, was shocked when I saw the commercial to get rid of moss. I thought Carrie what is wrong with you?!?!? Why on god’s green earth get rid of moss? It is beautiful, restful, soothing, soft to the touch and does not need to be cut, mowed, sculptured, etc. It is planet friendly, naturally green. I do so wish that I had a lawn of moss. OK, not everyone has the same tastes, but moss is natural; if you have it, embrace it! Besides, think of the effort, time, gas and $$ you’d save if you have lawn of moss!! Another planet friendly reason for a moss lawn. (For some reason, I always thought of moss as sexy!)

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