Getting ready for spring….

already planted tulips....

I started my morning on the back porch….the first morning that it has been warm enough to do so, and what a great start to the day…a little yoga, some cereal, a cup of green tea, and check my email…just so nice. But being out there also reminded me of all that remains to be done…you know how it is…..there’s plenty of that.

I’ve pulled out tons of overgrown honeysuckle…omg, what is it with that stuff…it’s all bundled up on the curb where I HOPE the trash guys will pick it up. Please? I’ve cleaned out the gardens pretty much…all the broken and dead stuff gone…all that remains now is….yes,  to mulch. Now there’s a word that strikes fear and dread in the heart of any homeowner….mulching….the most back-breaking, seemingly endless task ever created by some insane gardener. Stan Stovall was describing to me yesterday how some one does his…I allowed myself to drift to the place where you imagine having your mulch done too. So this year…for the very first time…drumroll please…we’re hiring out the mulching. That’s right…actually paying someone to do what we could do for ourselves. I don’t know why this is so hard for me, but it is. Somehow hiring someone to do what you could do,  cuts to the quick of my Protestant work ethic…the sheer decadence of someone else doing what is clearly YOUR work. Am I the only one who suffers from this malady? Was it my upbringing? Probably. My Mother was never one to hire out work…we either did it or it didn’t get done. Period.

Just one bundle of honeysuckle.....

Anyway, cut to the quick or not…I’m doing it(ot not doing it actually) and I’m glad, ok??  In fact, I cannot wait to see the fresh mulch along inside the professionally edged beds…something I never do….or I kinda start it and then decide it’s just too hard…and then later hit the Advil bottle.  I’ve already put in some tulips in the front pots…kinda pretty…and I’m just so doggone ready for spring…and I have a sneakin’ suspicion some of you are too. Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone, play nice with the Easter bunny and come home safe.

5 Responses

  1. Donna, stash your work ethic in this case – work ethic or not, your BACK will surely thank you for the paid labor later. Sit back, relax with a glass of tea and watch the beauty of your home be brought forward with that beautiful mulch in your flower beds.

  2. Donna, I’m so glad you wrote about hiring a landscaper to do your work. I’ve had back problems and wondered how I could lift, carry/drag mulch out of my car trunk. I’m going to hire someone – yes, it makes me angry, as I always did this work myself.

  3. Happy Easter!

    This year, for the very first time, we are hiring someone to cut grass and mulch. My husband is having a tough time with back problems and it is just too much for us to do. It is really hard to thing about paying out good money for work we always did, but I am sure in the long run we will be very pleased. We certainly were happy with the gentleman we hired to do all of the snow removal. Happy Spring, Monica

  4. Just think of it as helping someone keep their job – landscapers are suffering as much as any business out there. My husband and I put in colored rocks a few years ago and every year when everyone else is mulching, we are able to sit back and relax – no more mulch – rocks last forever!

  5. Donna,
    no wonder I haven’t heard you talking about mulching so far this year! You always mulch three weeks before me. If I hadn’t read your blog, I wouldn’t know it was time to start thinking about the dreaded deed. Ahhhhh! I’m so envious:) Good for you! Hope you enjoyed Phantom and had a wonderful plan free weekend. With wine of course. Love you…your deskmate!

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