Adventures in Babysitting….Spencer and me

Spencer says....where's the food, lady?

This past weekend…ok, Saturday night, not the entire weekend….I had my first assignment of babysitting my grand-cat….my daughter’s beloved rescue kitty Spencer. This was a big deal…I did not want to screw up. And she is understandably more concerned about Spence these days, as she just learned he has feline CRF…chronic renal failure. The vet told her, “Spencer will not live a normal life span.” It was a real kick in the head….she just adopted him in January, totally fell in love, and now this. So he went home with a prescription diet which cost loads of money of course, and a $300 vet bill. Yeah.  So that’s that…though right now Spencer seems happy and feels good…she just hopes she will have him for perhaps a few more years if all goes well.

You see why she was loath to leave him, but I assured her I have cared for many cats in my day, and was totally up to the assignment…so I decided to stay in her apartment Saturday night…brought in some carry out for dinner, watched Kentucky get their kotuckus handed to them on a platter, turned off the lights from 8:30 -9:30 as per Earth Hour, petted Spencer a lot and just hung out. Her little abode is so cozy and has such a pretty view over Roland Park….though I found outright away why she has a sleep mask on her nightstand….it is bright in there at night with the general glow from all the lights out there. Sleep was….intermittant…Spencer likes to walk all over you a lot, and jump on and off the bed all night, and occasionally nuzzle your armpit for a pet. Maybe she’s used to it.

A pot of green tea, an almond croissant and it.

Sunday morning I went for a walk, and ended up in the Chocolatea  Cafe for a bite of breakfast…such a cute place.  Ordered a pot of decaf Sencha green tea, which comes from the region near Mt Fuji, an unbelieveably good almond croissant, and read a little  Washington Post someone had conveniently left behind.    also does hot breakfasts with eggs and waffles….I didn’t realize that until I saw someone else’s order go by. And while the website doesn’t say it’s open Sunday mornings, it is. Oh, and they do sell some fabulous looking chocolates!

Cute interior of Chocolatea...

Odds and ends department….I was excited to hear from Marshall Chapman, the singer I wrote about last week….she said, “I’m so glad you love my song “Leaving Loachapoka”!
Thanks for the mention.
Love on …

And regarding school lunches and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution program to bring some nutrition sanity to the lunchroom…Diana wrote, ” Hi Donna,
Hope you and others can take a moment to check out the blog by a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous regarding school lunches. What she is doing is right in line with Jamie Oliver. I hope this will get other people involved in doing the right thing for our children called Fed Up With School Lunch…here’s a link. 

Done Diana, done…and it is thought-provoking reading. Thanks.

And Betty wrote, “My friend and I were talking about your blog and she mentioned that you were “fond” of a fat free peanut butter. She said you thought it was great and I should find out b/c she knows I love peanut butter. Would be great to save calories!”

Actually Betty….that is Jennifer Franciotti who digs the  low fat(not fat free)peanut butter …I just texted her for the answer…she says it is called Better ‘n Peanut Butter….she gets it at  Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, and  it has 2.5 grams of fat and 100 calories a serving. I asked if it was actually better than peanut butter….she replied, “Well, it’s better than nothing.” But she likes it….

3 Responses

  1. What a good grandma you are! Seriously, CRF does not have to be a death sentence nor a life limiter. I read a lot on and there are lots of people there with CRF cats and lots of links to some good info. With good care (that I know he will get) he can live a good, long life. My cat got diagnosed at age 15. She is 16 now and doing well. She can’t be treated conventionally because she has a heart condition, so I just continue to spoil her. As you probably know by now no dry food and cooked egg whites are really good for him, too.

    As for the lights, she will get used to it. Actually, if there is ever a power outage, she may have more trouble sleeping then.

    Best to all,


  2. Good advice Lainey which I will pass along…we’re hoping for the best. Oh, but if you ever call me Grandma again, you’re toast.

  3. Oops! Sorry, Donna! Guess you aren’t quite in the crazy cat lady league, but that is okay 🙂

    Have a great day!

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