Leaving Loachapoka….

Where, you may ask is Loachapoka? Town of about 165  people as of the last census…about 7 miles west of Auburn. Come on, surely you’ve heard of Auburn, home of the great Auburn Tigers….no? And why do I bring it up anyway? I was inspired by a song I listened to on Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog( yes, bloggers read other people’s blogs too and I love hers, though clearly she has a lot of help.)….GOOP…here’s a link.  She spent some time in Nashville doing a movie and had a list of things to do and see there…and also included some of her fave musicians from Nashville. And while I’ve heard of Marshall Chapman, I wan’t  that familiar with her music, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her song, Leaving Loachapoka.  Give it a listen on the link above.

I think it reminded me a little of where I come from…another small…well, po-dunk  town in Alabama….which I also left. It was a very conservative, very straight-laced area where the rules where hard and clear…I never saw any alcohol growing up. People don’t believe me, but seriously, I never saw anyone…at a high school party or anywhere…drink.  And I remember when I graduated from high school, and an assistant youth minister at my church( where we attended every Wednesday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night…no exceptions) said to me before I left, “Don’t see everything through the eyes of where you grew up.” Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about…until years later. Even though I was happy there as a child….I can’t imagine still living there, and can’t envision what my life would have been like had I stayed. Who knows?

Anyway if you’re wondering what we do or did in little one traffic light towns like that….when I was growing up, my parents drove us to the Birmingham airport on Sunday afternoons to watch the planes land and take off. And I loved it.   What do they do in Loachapoka where there is no airport? Well there’s Syrup Sopping Day. Really, they do have one. But when that’s over?….here it is best watched of course,  while listening to Chapman’s lovely song about Loachapoka. Enjoy….


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  1. I’m so glad you love my song “Leaving Loachapoka”!
    Thanks for the mention.
    Love on …

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