My Latisse experiment….

Brooke Shield's eyelashes...not mine...

We did a story last fall about Latisse…you know…it’s one of those happy little “stumble upon” drugs. Doctors were using it on patients with glaucoma, who notice that after a couple of months on it, their lashes are much longer, darker and thicker. “Doctor…what’s happening to me?” And one can only imagine the  drug company Allergan, thinking..” Eureka! Forget glaucoma…we’ve stumbled on the holy grail, fellows! A new product that grows lashes and we can charge full cosmetic price for it!! A dream come true for Allergan…and women love it too.

Now let me say right up front, when we first did a story about Latisse last fall, I privately said something like, “Who on earth would use something like that, when you can just put on some mascara ? Ridiculous!”  But time went on and in January I was in a dermatologist’s office doing another story (about another subject), and we started chatting about Latisse….she uses it herself and loves it….so I totally caved. Plunked out $120 and took the tiny bottle home, and began carefully applying it every night.

My daughter’s comment was this(keep in mind, unlike her Mother, she has long dark lashes and full eyebrows)…”I think it’s just a vanity product that makes YOU feel good…no one else really notices…people use it because they notice the difference for themselves.” Out of the mouths of babes….and that’s probably true. I’m at about the 8 week point right now, and while I can definitively see a difference in my lashes, no one has has noticed or commented on them. No one. The doctor said when your eyelashes start hitting your glasses(that hasn’t happened yet)…you can cut back on the product to once or twice a week, instead of nightly application.

So tiny...but it's $120 worth....

But here’s something else I do with LatisseI use it on my eyebrows. My rather sparse eyebrows have long been the lament of Usha Gupta…Baltimore’s premier eyebrow threader…. I just don’t have all that much to thread.So I asked the dermatologist about using it on brows…and she said she thought would be ok…carefully done. And it’s on my brows that I can really see the diff.  I don’t feel the need to use some fill in product as soon as I get up, because….I don’t need to. I can’t wait to visit Usha to see if she can recognize the change without my saying anything. I love it.

Don’t try seeing if you can see a difference in my lashes on the air…oh, try if you like…but I’ve tried myself and cannot.  But …for a while at least, I will continue my little Latisse vanity experiment…just for myself.  Oh, and I just discovered a coupon on Latisse’s website…here’s a link….for a $20 off ….eases the pain just a bit. 



4 Responses

  1. Donna,
    You’ve totally convinced me to try this. The girl who cuts my hair told about doing a wedding party; the bride had been using LATISSE and swore by it. As I have aged, my lashes (that were never long, nor thick) have gotten worse. My brows were okay, and I never tweesed, but now they could also use some help. I’ve been tempted before by this product, so I’m going to try it. By the way, our husbands are phone friends, and Larry and Karen Russell are my brother and sister-in-law.

    Been a fan of yours since, Evening Magazine. Will keep in touch.

  2. Try Rapidlash also. It’s over the counter so no doctor visit needed and only $50. It works great on lashes and brows.

  3. I reviewed Latisse on my blog as well

  4. I have been using Latissse for over a yr and I love it i had no eyelashes and it’s unbelievable how much i have now. Also, I am glad I read ur sight bc I didn’t think I could use it on my eyebrows they r very thin… I will start tonight and will report back in 90 days thanks for the info….

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