Still Using Crap?? The Yin and Yang of Hair Products….

I love you Dove...I don't care what they say...

This whole thing brouhaha over hair products started when my daughter moved out. She took quite a few of her fave hair products out of the shower we both use…and I used whatever was left behind ….that’s how I roll. So at a visit to the hair salon for color a couple of months ago, my colorist(God, love her) was running her fingers through my hair and said, “Your hair feels really nice…soft and it’s in good shape. What are you using on it?” I knew what she wanted to hear…some expensive brand of shampoo and conditioner that usually cost upwards of $20 a pop each. But I steeled myself and told the truth….”Honestly…I been using Dove.” Come on…it is their best formula…says so on the bottle.

dregs of the pricier products left behind....

She just stared at me…actually shocked. “Dove?? Seriously??'” When I nodded yes, she shrugged, and said, “Well, it really does look good…”. And here’s the thing…I love that Dove conditioner…it truly takes the tangles out of my hair in the shower, which the more expensive brands just don’t do….at least not for me. Yes, I’ve been told it’s because there’s wax in some of the less expensive brands, that can build up on your hair…whatever. idig it.

So I was back in for color a week or so ago….and the stylist asked, again fingering my luxuriant locks….(that’s how I like to think of them), “Still using crap on your hair?”  To which I replied, “Yep.”, though I was thinkingand saving my self a bunch of money too!”  But again, she had to agree that the proof was in the pudding…ok, bad metaphor…but you know what I mean. If your hair looks good, and feels good, and is shiny, bouncin’ and behavin’….it’s all good, right?

My nephew Quint...Julie in background...

Oh, and my sister replied to my blog about my recent trip to Pensacola…she was obviously not satisfied with my level of detail….here’s what she had to say…”Hi sis–quint will be upset if you don’t at least mention beyond the piece of a sentence –his wedding and his beautiful bride–”the lovely julie”–(does that term sound familiar??)–and i think the hotel where we stayed deserves a hit on your blog—i loved the bed and breakfast feel of it–NEW WORLD LANDING INN –15-16 individually decorated rooms, wonderful staff, and great place to have a wedding and our family time~–and i know for a fact you enjoyed the HUGE jar of m&ms outside your room! i also liked the fact that it was in the historic district of pensacola–and lots was in walking distance –sooo—i guess i have just blogged about it for you! but feel free to edit! love you–audrey”

New World Inn...loved it...

OK, let me just say this….Quint won’t give a rat’s butt about what I say or don’t say in my blog….what she means to say is that SHE will be upset if I don’t say more…hey, I know my sister. And Julie is lovely…gorgeous actually…she’s the kind of girl who can fit a dress off the rack and make it look like it was custom made for her. You know the type….my nephew is a lucky man, and he knows it.  And as for the New World Inn…I really did like it, and the large glass jars of m&ms were a nice touch. And yes, sweet sister….you blogged it for me…all correctly. Love you too!


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  1. Interesting about the Dove products. I use the expensive stuff for my hair. Several years ago when I lost my job, I was forced to make some cut backs and my hair products was one of those things. I used the cheap stuff – but it wasn’t Dove – and I could tell a difference in my hair. And not a good difference. But I’m willing to give it a try, esp. since it’s cheap! Thanks for the tip.

  2. I like using bargain beauty products, too and love it when they work better than the expensive stuff. I have to say that you are much nicer than I would be regarding your hair stylist. If my stylist would badmouth a product that I choose to use, that would be the last time I would go to her.

  3. I guess it all depends on the tone she used when saying it. If she had the “look down my nose at you” tone, she’d loose the tip and the customer. If it was in jest, it would be another thing.

    Of course, this would in my wife’s situation, we guys just go in, tell our favorite barber to “just cut it short” and move on. Generic shampoo/conditioner (in 1) does just fine for us guys.

  4. That remark was said in jest….at least for the most part…I’ve know her for a long time so I took no offense. And hey, maybe I’d spring for the pricey stuff too if I got it cost…which I don’t. soooooooo…

  5. Next time I need to buy I will give it a try, or maybe see if I can can a sample from the company first since I tend to buy in bulk (or well the bulk sizes in the warehouse stores). I bought a “pricier” product for my “color treated hair” and it feels like straw when I am done shampooing and only mega doses of heavy conditioner will work. I different brand for “color treated hair” doesn’t seem to to that to my hair. I do like to experiment and look forward to seeing what happens when I try the Dove product.

    Thanks for your blog, Donna. Not only am I entertained I am also informed and learn a lot, too, from you and your readers!

    I do want to ask you some questions, is there a place on the website I can find an email addy for you? thanks!

  6. I am definitely going to give Dove a try after reading this! Thanks, Donna! A few questions: do you use both their shampoo and conditioner, or just the conditioner? If you use both, is it the volumnizing version of both?

  7. Lainey said: “Thanks for your blog, Donna. Not only am I entertained I am also informed and learn a lot, too, from you and your readers!”

    I am seconding that comment!

    And yes I use cheap Suave (I think I spelled that right) and it works very well thank you. I have tried ALL the expensive salon stuff and the Suave is just as good if not better. Now I will just have to try the Dove!

  8. Gee Kristen…I’m not sure. It does say Volume Therapy on the bottle, and it has a purple cap. And I have used the shampoo, but I switch it up on shampoos…the conditioner seems to be more important, at least for my hair.

  9. My stylist also commented on how healthy my colored hair was and asked what I was using. I told she wasn’t going to like what I was going to say, but I was using Suave to shampoo and Pantene to condition. Her next comment was, ‘Well, you’re not washing everyday, are you?” Uh, yeppers, everyday with Suave and Pantene. She said my hair was very healthy and I should keep doing what I’m doing. That’s why I love her!

  10. Donna, for the color treated hair, use the Dove in the NAVY BLUE bottles … my hair, thick, very coarse, never soft, never shiny … always just hair … my sister told me that she uses the DOVE in the NAVY BLUE bottle (no other bottle, Sue, it must be the Navy Blue) and so I started using the shampoo and conditioner and my hair is not coarse, very soft and yes, it detangles in the shower as I’m rinsing it … so glad my sis turned me onto Navy Blue Dove … Take Care, Susan

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