And the winner is…..

After much deliberation, this Orla Kiely wallet is the winner....

As you know, my wallet disappeared  last week, never to reappear. But as I told you, I got a call that night from a woman who said she had found my driver’s license, some credit cards, and business cards on the ground. We met at an appointed place Saturday and I got them back…most were useless of course, having been canceled, but to get my license back was HUGE! I thanked her profusely, and gave her a cash reward(appropriate, oui?)…and I was on my way.

Really liked this one....would make a great evening bag!

I started perusing wallets on-line this weekend, looking for one that could be everything I asked it to be: 1. large enough to contain all the stuff I put in it 2. durable 3.  attractive and 4. one new requirement …it also could fit my cell phone, so that I could  use it as a clutch purse on occasion. A lot to ask, yes?

Double Dutch to the rescue!!!

But as I started looking, my daughter called and told me to check out a shop called Double Dutch  in Hampden. I know the place, I pass it all the time and have shopped there before…and I like to keep it local if I can. Double Dutch has loads of cute clothing and accessories. But evidently this February, they got in the mother lode of  wallets, of every size, color and description….shiny, metallic, leather, plastic, with grommets and studs and without….some great looking choices, really. 

Oh really get it....

In the end, I picked one by Orla Kiely….not the least expensive model there(it’s in the top picture), but it was on sale, super chic and I know it will be extra durable. The owner said she carried one for years, and when the zipper broke, they replaced it for free… it. And Kiely makes some smart looking bags and clothing…the line is based in London. Plus I can get my cell phone inside, zipped up with looking like a snake that ate a hardboiled egg. Mission accomplished.


4 Responses

  1. The wallet looks great!! Glad you found one you like. I am on a continual quest for the perfect wallet (must have enough slots to hold all my cards!), so I’ll have to check out Double Dutch. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Hampden (maybe I’ll make a day of it!).

  2. There is a typo you typed: “Double Butch has ;oads” I take it you mean “Double Dutch has loads”

  3. I stopped using a wallet a while ago…I like the organizer bags better…they have built in wallets…they are smaller than most purses but that’s another reason why I love them as I am forced to not carry a bunch of stuff around that I do not really need…also you’ll never pull your wallet out and then forget where you put it with the organizer bags. The new wallet is very nice I must say…maybe we need GPS’s on our most precious and hard to replace items.

  4. Oops…thanks Ryan. I actually meant that Trouble Butch has toads…..not really. That’s what happens when you try to post in a hurry. It’s fixed….
    And Trish, my husband has made the comment my wallet needs gps on it….I’m gonna have to be more careful.

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