Good Day Gone Bad…..

What's wrong with this picture??

My wallet is missing from my handbag…that’s what’s wrong. And a day that started out so well yesterday(with no snow), went south in a hurry. Here’s how it went down yesterday….I had an early hair appointment, and I don’t need to tell you how important that is. I park on a street in Federal Hill in front of the salon, walk about 20 yards to the parking ticket machine(little rant…can I tell you much I HATE those machines…please bring back parking meters…it’s soooooooo much more trouble!…end of rant), I get my wallet from my purse, but the machine won’t read either credit card(of course), so I get my change purse and stuff the machine with as many quarters as it can eat, and head to the salon. All is well until I go to pay for said highlights….ummmm…I know it’s here somewhere..isn’t it….what the….panic setting in….MY WALLET’S NOT THERE!! You may have experienced this horrifying routine…you look again, and again, but a big, pink Vera Bradley wallet really isn’t something that is easily hidden. It’s ain’t there.

So we search the salon, the street, the car…nuthin’. No pink paisley in sight. So I leave without paying for my appointment  because really I have to way to, as I’m not carrying a checkbook)It’s ok, they know where I can be found). But I have no idea where it’s gone….did I drop it on the street without noticing?  I have no clue.

Hi BOA, I have this little problem......

First stop…Bank of America…cancel the ATM card and get a temporary replacement card, and then start calling people…AMEX, Exxon, Shell, and today I have to get replacement insurance cards. I think I have it covered. And in my immediate future, some  quality time with the MTA…always a thing of joy.

But wait, there’s more….. last night I got a phone call from an unknown number on my cell….it was a woman who was a little difficult to understand at first, but she said she had found some of my credit cards and my license…I asked how she knew to call the cell number, and she said she saw the number on my business card…which she also found, along with an insurance card, and a couple of credit cards. She saw them close to Cross Street market on the curb, stopped and picked them up and called last night.  So….all’s well that ends well? I still have to get a new wallet…and wait for replacement credit cards to come in, but I won’t have to go to the MTA(Wheeeeeeee!), and it’s Friday, so there’s that. Add to that , we didn’t ge walloped with yet another dastardly snow storm, so it’s all good right?  

Pork loin for dinner tonight!

And yes, I’m eating in tonight…I said I would didn’t I?  I took out a pork tenderloin this morning to thaw which I’m gonna wrap in a bit of bacon and roast, along with some sweet potatoes, cubed and tossed with olive oil, salt and cinnamon, and then roast at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes…maybe less if they’re small cubes…and you don’t want to overcook the pork. Add a field green salad with some Roquefort cheese I got the other day, some nice bread and voila…it’s dinner! I hope you have a lovely weekend…play nice and stay warm and come home safe. We miss you.


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  1. There ought to be a word for that instant when you realize your wallet or purse has gone missing. You know, like the “ignisecond”…that instant when you’re closing your locked car door and you see the keys in the ignition. It’s horrifying.

    Glad to hear it had a reasonably happy ending for you!

  2. Donna, sorry to hear that you lost your wallet, sorrier yet to know that the person that found it was not honest enough to return it to you, happy that someone who found your possessions was nice enough to call you and offer to return all of those important items (hopefully unused by the thief) to you. A lost wallet is so disruptive to life. Forgetting the money, its all those precious things that wives/mom’s stuff in secret places that are lost forever. Glad you had your car keys though! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Man..I totally understand…I REALLY hate when crap like that happens..I would have been so angry with myself!

  4. At least there are SOME good samaritans out there! Glad to hear you got some of your wallet contents back. A similar thing happened to someone I was with this week. A group of us went to the Black Eyed Peas concert on Tuesday night. We took the metro from Greenbelt, and when we got on the train started talking to a family with a young boy about the concert. We got off a few stops later because some of us had to use the bathroom, and one of the girls realized she left her purse on the train. I told her that if the family saw it, I had faith that they would turn it in, knowing where we were going. When we got to the Verizon Center and went to the metro “hut”, we asked and sure enough, her purse had been turned in. We described the family and it was them. I wished they had left their info, because we really wanted to thank them. Good karma will follow them for a while!

  5. What a lovely story Michele…we forget sometimes how many kind caring people there are in the world….I’m pretty sure they outnumber the bad ones.
    And yes, it is totally disruptive…just today I needed to park downtown and thought…oh wait, no parking garage for you…you have no cash and no card. So I found street parking…I did have some quarters. And at a doctor’s office, had to say..can you bill me? I lost my wallet…( like a numbskull). Sigh….

  6. Donna:

    Call 11 on your side; maybe they can recover your wallet.

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