The Lawn Chair War….

Mmmmmm...lookin' good!

Well, it’s come to this has it? The Mayor of Baltimore has to issue a directive that goes something like this in feeling…”Come on people! Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we just be good neighbors and trust that others will do the same, and not have to stake out our parking place with unsightly chairs? NO? Ok, get ready for a ticket, buster!”

I drive through areas that are chock-a-block with chairs of all types, presumably something not too valuable…I certainly haven’t seen too many good looking chairs out there. I mean, if someone will steal your parking place that you sweated on, they will for sure grab a nice chair won’t they?

lawn chairs held hostage....set them free!!

I haven’t seen any chairs out in my neighborhood(that doesn’t mean there aren’t any)…and don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I think we all trust each other implicitly. I remember years ago after a different blizzard,  my teenage son came storming through the front door, saying that our then, next door neighbor had parked in the spot he dug out. He was livid!  “I’m going to go over there and tell her to move it!”  I reminded him that maybe…just maybe…she hadn’t thought about who dug it out, and as a single woman with children, maybe she just really really needed it more than him. “Go dig out another one“, we told him. Can I just say that was not well received, but he did it.

No I think the reason people in my hood don’t put out lots of chairs, is we’re afraid of being accused of being tacky…not to our face of course, but you know. People will talk.  And for sure, bedraggled lawn chairs that look like they should have been consigned to bulk trash long ago, decorating the street, are kinda tacky. They just are. So it will be interesting to see if  the Mayor’s plea will fall on deaf ears. Or will the chairs start to disappear, one by one, their tattered remnants marching back to the basement  from whence they cometh. Good riddance. And maybe, if we get to know our neighbors better, there won’t be this lack of good will and lack of trust(though in truth, really getting to know your neighbor might lead to more of both). 

All I know is it’s Friday, and I don’t have anything I have to do tonight! Dinner(pork belly roasted with carrots and turnips), watch some Olympics….bottle of wine…it’s good enough, good enough.

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  1. Hi Donna. I live in D.C. and in my neighborhood, people saved their spaces with garbage cans. Unfortunately for them, the district changed our trash pick-up days because of the storms. The garbage trucks came, picked up the garbage, and put the empty cans up on the sidewalks. Everyone lost “their” spots. It was actually quite funny.

  2. Love it Melissa…hilarious!

  3. Yes I believe you should leave something in a spot you have shoveled out. The reason being is “there is no such thing as Common Curtice no more. It seems people have no respect for others!!!

  4. I think this is just a way for the city to make some $$$$ because they are so far in debt. City Hall will not stop until every good tax-payer has moved out of Baltimore.

  5. i agree the chairs are tacky, that’s why i use a traffic cone ;-D. seriously though, i live across from a school that has no parking lot, @ least 2 housing rehabs within half a block, & major construction within 2 blocks. on top of this my street also has parking restrictions for street cleaning. small cars have parked in front of my house taking up enough room to park a hummer, hummers take up enough room to park a dump truck. i’m not exaggerating. so although i have the time to run errands, workout, or volunteer during the day, i don’t because i hate coming home & looking for parking, especially if i have packages to carry. god help me if i’m unfortunate enough to arrive home as school is letting out! i wish i could reserve my parking space all the time, regardless of the weather.

    sorry for the long post, i’ve needed to vent about this for a long time.

  6. First let me say that since the city doesn’t plow my street, I don’t think they have any right to say what we do on this street. I have lived on this street for 57 years and it has only been plowed about 6 times. Haveing said that, normally I would agree that it is time to remove the chairs, but since there are still mountains of snow in the street, reduceing the number of parking space’s by 6, just on my block, the chairs will stay for now.
    Thanks for letting me vent

  7. Vent on gentle readers, vent on….I feel your parking pain.

  8. If you clean the parking spot, then it is yours. In our neighborhood there are many bars and restaurants(Canton). Let those who are visiting for the weekend bring a shovel and dig out a parking spot for themselves. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Donna–where do you get the porkbelly and how do you cook it?? Please help out the wanna-be porkers!! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!!

  10. I agree with the you clean it & it’s yours sentiment. The “let’s all get along & help each other” mentality only goes so far.

  11. PORK! On a friday???!! tisck tisck lol

  12. I remember when we first moved to Baltimore and lived in an apartment complex. After a 10-inch snowstorm, I was one of the few residents with a snow shovel (coming from Colorado). I helped shovel out quite a few cars and spaces that morning. Later in the day, many of the spaces I had shoveled had lawn chairs in them and I thought folks had gone crazy! I discovered this after coming home from running errands and had no place to park. Needless to say, one of those chairs (in front of my apartment) ended up in a snow bank. So, I don’t buy that every person who puts a chair out really did shovel that space! Luckily, I no longer live in Baltimore among that madness!

  13. I find this response by the Mayor of Baltimore interesting. I won’t choose sides for or against the use of the chair. However, this weekend while visiting family in Pittsburgh, there was a story on the local news about a museum exhibit/event there hosting an event centered on the parking chair in Pittsburgh. (In fact, they claim the practice as their own by saying it’s the Pittsburgh Parking Chair….hmmm.) Chairs were being decorated and celebrated, and I think there were even rounds of Musical Chairs going on. One city gets tough, while another city celebrates the same thing. I just thought it was interesting.

  14. Donna I have to add … we lived in a private townhouse community (not in the city). It snowed, I was pregnant and at work. My then husband shovelled my parking space, which was in front of our home, as I was 6 months pregnant at the time. I parked there that day (thank you very much!) and the next day, I went to work as usual. Imagine my surprise when I came home to find a neighbor who lived across the street in my spot! My then husband went to her home, explained the situation and asked her to move her car. He even shovelled her spot out for her as she didn’t have a shovel! This school teacher did not move her car until school was back in … Get me my chair!! Until ALL STREETS are cleared, GET ME MY CHAIR!

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