Suffering from Snopression…..

Anyone for a cookout?

Such a sad sight…picnic tables and a grill, surrounded by huge piles of dirty, nasty-looking snow. And this weekend at home, sometime in the night I thought I heard the steady drip drip drip of water coming from the side of the bedroom where there is no water source(oh wait, now there is). Sure enought, early the next morning, I discovered water was dripping in from the top of the window frame. After taping a bucket to the window to catch the drip(pretty high-tech, eh?) and after doing a little reading, it looks like all the “pretty” icicles hanging from the house mean a not so pretty thing. I have a ice damn or some such nonsense at my gutters, forcing melting snow to find a way down. And as you know, water …will… find ….a…. way. It finally stopped yesterday, and I’m kinda afraid to go in the attic and see what’s going on up there. I’m snopressed.

Snowpression is the new word I’ve coined to cover all the snow fatigue we’re all feeling right now. Even the most ardent snow lover must feel a little jaded at the whole thing. I’m tired of it being cold. I’m tired of the traffic being awful everywhere you go. I’m tired of there being no parking when you get there. I’m snopressed!

My Valentine's earrings.....

On the bright side I did get some lovely new earrings for Valentine’s Day, which I’m wearing on the newscast tonight at five. And everyone in the family is well…that’s huge…the wife of one of my co-workers has been in the hospital for a week. That’s a real problem for you. And we have plenty to eat, and heat for the house, and jobs, and all the really  important things are fine. But that doesn’t mean I can’t grouse a little bit about more snow coming this evening.  I think we’re all feeling that malaise…there’s a good word for you….it means an “indefinite feeling of debility”. And that’s how I’d characterize my case of snowpression…nothing is wrong per se,  just a general and indefinite feeling of ….blah. Know what I mean?  Let’s hope things get better soon.


7 Responses

  1. Okay those earrings look they could be used as weapons but I’ll watch tonight to see how they really look.

    I’m snowpressed, repressed, and perm-pressed as well!

    I’m hating this winter and counting down the days to spring…take that you darn El-Nino!

  2. Scary? I hadn’t thought of that, but maybe they could double as a weapon!! But I think(hope) they won’t frighten viewers tonight….

  3. I am so with you…except I have the 2 young children, who have been sick since last Weds, and the 2 dogs barking in the background!!!!

    I was never a fan of snow but you know…I will one day look back and laugh…in the meantime, I have my wonderful yoga mat to hop on and relieve my stress!

  4. P.S. I like the earrings! 🙂

  5. Like the earrings ! I got Turtle Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for Valentine’s Day to help me get over my snowpression! Sugar and chocolate can cure all that ails you 🙂

    I used to like snow. But now- I’ve had enough.

  6. I’m sorry, Donna, but they look more like fishing tackle to me! I didn’t get to see what they looked like on the air, had other things I had to do today. Maybe you could post a photo? I’m sure they are much lovelier on your ears than in your hand.

  7. @ Michelle – Very true, very true! Sugar and chocolate cures ALL 🙂

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