It’s Friday People!! And the reader’s verdict on Bob’s Snowblowing problem….

Slow-cooked pork shoulder, with spices and poblano chilis!!

Can I tell you how happy I am it’s Friday…it felt like it should have been yesterday, but….as you and most others know, it was only Thursday. I worked last Saturday on snow coverage, and this has been a really long week, not only for everyone at WBAL, but everyone in the state! We could all….collectively… use a restful weekend, but as you know, there’s much digging to be done still, just about everywhere.

More decisions at 70 just right???

But I slept in my own bed last night….which was so nice. And hey, for all of us who stayed at the Cross Keys Radisson….all the chatter was about the Sleep Number Bed! “What was your number?” , “how did you like it?”. And I did like the bed, though it does seem like a lot of decisions to be made at bedtime. Set it 100….65….45? Too soft? Too firm? Just right? I think  I like the higher number setting, which means a firmer mattress, but I’m not sure.

The Piano I took to the hotel, and it's good!

A few people who already own the Sleep Number Bed were truly in heaven…just like being home I guess. But a little shout out 🙂 to the staff at the Radisson…they had put up workers to make the hotel run smoothly, which it did… and everyone was so nice. They had a great breakfast(loved the big pot of oatmeal, with bowls of brown sugar and raspberries), and to Brett who emailed asking “Were the other two TV hill tv stations in the same Hotel?“….I know one was, because I saw people I knew(it was a pretty lively bar scene for sure), but I guess other hotels were involved too. Not sure where.

And it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend ♥♥! I’m feeling a bit of a yawn over that, alas, after such a crazy week. I just want to curl up in the cave, get a good fire going, and have something delicious to eat. And don’t forget the Olympics start tonight…watching the torch runners this morning, it reminded me of my torch run, maybe 10 years ago, as it came thru Baltimore. I’ll never forget it, but as I’m not a runner, I was secretly concerned I couldn’t make my tiny piece of the run, and the thing is, the torch is kind of heavy, so you’re not just running but also holding something heavy that has to be held high for everyone to see. Yikes! I was panting like mad by the end but I made it. Nice memory.

As for Bob’s snowblowing dilemma…the consensus seemed to be…do your best and forget the rest…..a few samples..from Sandy….”We have a small snow thrower and my husband and son spent MANY hours clearing our driveway and sidewalks and those of our neighbors. We wouldn’t even think of asking for anything in return. It’s part of being a good neighbor/Christian. (And it doesn’t hurt that the snow thrower is one of those not often used big boy toys!) But when the second round hit, the novelty wore off, the snowblower needed help and the husband and son were sore and tired. So they only did our elderly next door neighbors.”

From Bonnie: “Donna, I agree that there is no obligation to help everyone just because you are someone who is prepared to take care of yourself. If the neighbors have never offered to take care of things when you are on vacation or help you at any other time, I say they can shovel their own driveway or PAY someone else to do it.”  Right on, sister.

From Stephanie: “Donna Every neighborhood has participants and watchers. There are those who are out shoveling (in summer, mowing) not only their yard/street/sidewalk/driveway but someone else’s. Then there are those who sit back and watch and complain why did they not do mine. Human nature is what it is.'” Sad Steph, but true. I’ve seen a little of that in my own hood.

From Carol: ” Bob relax. You have done enough. I am a recipient of similar kindness from my neighbors. I deeply appreciate the help. I also don’t take it for granted. I am thankful I gave them a restaurant gift card for Christmas. Any suggestions on what else I can do for them?”  Where is that case of beer??

I put a boneless pork shoulder roast in the crock pot this morning(as seen in the photo above)with lots of garlic, a little wine, cumin, thyme,  roasted poblanos and coriander… was smelling delish by the time I left, along with the scent of roasted eggplant as a side dish….this girl cannot wait for dinner. It’s Friday night people!!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. Enjoy your weekend and your well-deserved time off! When you get a chance would you be willing to post the recipes for the pork shoulder and the roasted eggplant?

  2. Donna, We have a small tractor (not covered) with a bucket on the front. We try to do as many as we can, but if you don’t say thank you, we won’t be back next time. Snow removal is hard work and it can be costly, try to do what you can to help everyone you can.

  3. The broadcasting that you and all the other journalists on TV this winter has been great. Countless hours of great work. All of the anchors and reporters should get paid a big bonus or overtime.

    As for running with the Olympic torch I am sure that was an amazing experience running with it. I saw something about the torch last Olympics and that the runners do not get to keep it and that you are welcome to buy it for a price of $10,000. While that price seems expensive in my mind I would justify it as being one of a handful in the world that owns one or ran with it.

    And I noticed there is no Olympic Zone this year! It was the perfect catch up of all the days events on all of the NBC U networks. I know NBC stopped producing segments for it but heard that the affiliates had the option to still use the name.


  4. Donna, the neighbor’s wife is a minister. I am not sure that a case of beer is appropriate. I prefer to err on the side of caution.

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