Snow weekend wrapup…shovels, bread pudding and cats….

A lonely, but lovely drive home....the big storm had just begun...

This is what my drive home Friday night looked like….kinda lonely. Most people were off the roads, thank goodness, by 6:30 Friday evening. But this morning coming to work? OMG…cars parked in the street, people walking in the street, drivers who SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING IN THE SNOW BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW, and miles of snow and ice alleys, made for ummmmmm…a breathtaking commute. But I made it…I made it. Now we just get ready for another 6 inches, right?

It was an “interesting ” weekend in my neighborhood, as I’m sure it was in yours. A couple neighbors own fairly sizeable snow blowers, and Mike, who lives two doors up from me, is so generous with his time and snow-blowing ability. He helped all of us get our cars ready for a Monday commute…he must have been exhausted.  But not everyone has that kind of neighbor. A guy here at work who lives in Federal Hill, says he has a neighbor who also has a snowblower, and isn’t so generous…..he did his little area around his own car….and ok, I’m finished. Thanks pal. Good neighbor time!!

And a Humvee ambulance got stuck in our hood(as did a snowplow…for 24 hours) and a neighbor’s Mother was inside on her way to the hospital. So 25 or so people came out from their warm houses and dug the Humvee out. The snowplow had to be pulled out by something even bigger than it was.

I do love bread pudding....even when it's squishy...

Sunday, I did make the croissant bread pudding, and while it was good…the croissants were just too soft for my taste, even though I toasted them first. Day old French bread would have had more body…but it still tasted good(come on..croissants with cream butter sugar and eggs?), and made a killer caramel sauce to go with it , by boiling a stick of butter with a half cup of heavy cream and a half cup each brown sugar and regular sugar, and a dash of salt. Yummy.

Oh, and an update on my daughter’s new rescue cat Spencer…he’s even more chillaxed, if that’s possible.

Spencer is extremely worried about unplowed streets....not.

He now realizes that he has fallen into a pot of honey, and has decided to make the best of it. He refused to eat until we bought him some of the super-expensive fancy little tiny cans of cat food(the ones that are $.89 per teeny can!)…and he’s slowly being weaned on to more affordable stuff. Lucky kitty-cat. Hope all of you had a safe, if digging-out weekend. And keep that snow shovel handy….sounds like you’ll need it soon.


7 Responses

  1. I understand about helping a neighbor when in need, and we do. But those of us who bought a snow blower for just this reason shouldn’t have to go around and help every other person dig out. You were very fortunate to have have generous neighbor who has the time to help out.

  2. Oh, yes, Donna, we have a neighbor like that. He is out at all hours shoveling (I think he gave up when it hit 3 inches an hour). He even shovels the street in front of his house. But can he help anyone else? Thank goodness there are decent folk on my street. Several snow blowers going (yeah, and they even did his walk… boo hiss). He got his comeuppance today, though, a woman got stuck on the street, in his way, and he HAD to help her (almost an hour) so he could get home. HA!

    I’ve never had bread pudding, but it does sound good!

    And Spencer! What a sweetheart. Rescues are the BEST, especially if they aren’t kittens (everyone wants a kitten, sadly, and some of the best get missed). Good luck to your daughter in switching him to something less expensive. Though I hear, and will try with my next fur-baby, that feeding raw is the BEST for them and least expensive. I can provide some links if you are interested.

    Great coverage, as always, BAL!

  3. I can’t imagine seeing a snowplow get stuck outside our street. I live on a dead end road and the road was plowed several times on Saturday. As for Spencer he deserves the $0.89 cent cans.

    I am just watching 11 News now, I saw they had SkyTeam 11 back in the air. I heard something the other night where Kate Amara said Capt. Roy will be back tomorrow. May I ask what happened?

  4. Hey Ryan…our chopper has been under repairs as I understand it…we are really really glad to have our Capt. Roy back in the air, and miss his coverage when he’s not flying.
    And that me…he’s getting the best, plus TOTLA adoration from my girl.
    And Lainey, I’ve heard about the raw food phenomenon, and considered switching for my cats too…I’ll write about a company that does it soon.
    And Shar, you’re right, one should never EXPECT someone to use their snowblower for another’s benefit, it’s just so nice when people are generous. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone was? Sigh.

  5. Yes, no one should expect someone with a snow blower to help those without one. But, just remember…..if you ignore others in need when you have a way to help them, they will most likely ignore you when you are in need of help (and we all end up in that spot, trust me). Then, you’ll be posting on some blog somewhere about how selfish they are. What goes around, comes around.

  6. Donna, about this neighbor helping neighbors I have a question. I have a snow blower that I paid nearly $1k for a few years ago. The reason I bought it was because as I am getting older it has become harder for me to clear my driveway with a shovel. Of course after I bought it we didn’t get much snow until this year. From sitting around the belts went bad so I had to pay to have them replaced. I live in a development and have many neighbors many who drive better cars then me and whose houses are much nicer then my little rancher. I always have made an effort to help our across the street neighbors with snow removal even back in the shovel days. I never ask for anything in return but they always bring something over. Last week she brought a case of Coors Light over which is probably enough beer to last me until this summer. These neighbors are the only ones that I help. Not because I don’t like my neighbors but because I am limited by my ability to do much more. When I finish my property and my neighbor I am totally wiped. So does that make me a bad neighbor to the rest? Where do you stop if you go to the next house to help? I can’t do the whole development and no one ever offers to help me because even with a snow blower there is some shoveling requuired. So please give me your opinion how do us that have snow blowers determine who we help and where do we stop.

  7. Bob, you determine who you help based on what you think is right. If you are wiped out doing your property and the neighbor’s, then that’s where you stop. I don’t think any of us are advocating to do more than you can or putting yourself in danger.

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