Dirty Little Secret…..

My hair is too darn clean today....

Sing it with me now….”I’ll keep you my dirty little secret, dirty little secret…”  OK, I  know lots of people who religiously wash their hair every single day. Each and every blessed day they shampoo…unless they’re sick and in bed, and greasy locks can be tolerated. And I must admit, I have been among the washaholics in years past, until I discovered the dirty little secret of people who need for their hair to look good on tv and in movies. It’s dirty. A hairdresser on movie set(Line of Fire if you must know), was styling my hair, and asked, “Is it clean?”….and when I told him I washed it the day before, he said, “Good. It’s easier to style when it has a little dirt in it.

Seriously, the first day I wash my hair(usually a Monday), it looks ok, but it’s too full, and just too much hair, no matter how much I fool with it. The next day, it looks better, and I’ve recently discovered…on the THIRD day, while it feels a little gross….it looks even better!  Last week on a Wednesday(third day), one of my fellow anchor women said,”Your hair looks really good.

Really?”, I asked incredulously..”I haven’t brushed it all morning”….to which she replied, “Isn’t it funny…sometimes when you try the least, it looks the best.” Point well taken. Sometimes when you futz over your hair…washing, conditioning, blowdrying, straightening, seruming….all it really needed was a little dirt. And this is true for guys too, but their hair is often so short, you’re not saving that much time or effort bu washing every day, and just adding “product”.

People pay money for dirt!

And they even make a product called just that…DIRT Texturizing Paste by Jonathan. You can pay $14 for a tiny little jar, or do as I do…get it for free by not washing your hair every day. Today is Thursday and I washed my hair this morning…so forgive me of having  not it exactly the  way I want it…close but no cigar. And I’ve decided having dirty hair is actually a green thing to do. Sure I could wash the locks every day and product the hell out of it, but this way I save: 1.time 2. water 3. money.  What’s not to like??


7 Responses

  1. I have straight flat hair that I have been unable to do anything with my entire life. Even using all the products that my hairdresser uses on it doesn’t help – only adds to my personal dismay and frustration regarding my hair. I do, however, wash it every other day and occassion, have been known to go that third day without a washing if I can’t remember which day I actually washed it prior. Anyway, I have always found that my hair is a bit more cooperative all the way around when I skip a shampoo or two. I still rinse my hair every time I’m in the shower whether I actually plan to shampoo or not – but skipping that day really makes a difference. So I guess my “dirty little secret” is out now too!

  2. Add me to the list, too! I started skipping around a bit as I got older and my hair wasn’t as greasy. Then I started coloring my hair and needed the color to last longer (money, ya know?) and yes, quickly discovered that my hair does look and behave much better when it is not freshly washed. I haven’t gotten the courage yet to try some of the green alternatives to traditional shampoo, though I’ve heard the celebrity crowd is in to them, it just seems “too” gross, but one never knows! Thanks, Donna, for making it okay to come out of the closet on this issue. Have a great weekend!

  3. My “dirty little secret” comes in the form of Ojon Rub Out Dry Shampoo. Some days (with 2 little boys) washing the locks just isn’t an option. This “shampoo” is a life saver. Spray a little on, and POOF! – there goes the grease! 😉 Your secret is safe with me, Donna!

    ps – it is also great it you put too much product in your hair and you need to start fresh with the styling…

  4. Please, I have a productless head of hair and need to know where you get this Ojon Rub Out Dry Shampoo!!! Don’t hate me I was just blessed with a very full head of hair which only sees a straightener once in a while … thanks

  5. Susan I’m pretty sure you can get it at Nordstrom for about $10…I’ve never tried it, but I just might! Good luck…

  6. I’ve found the same as you.. that 2nd day hair just works better! The product I’ve gotten to reallllly like is Onesta Smooth & Shine Thermal Straightening Crème.

  7. Girls, the Ojon is can be a life saver when you least expect it. Excited for a fun night out and go a little crazy with the product? Wish that you could start over w/o taking another shower? Then this is the product for you (and no, they aren’t paying me – BUT THEY SHOULD BE!!). I get it at Ulta. I know you can get it at Sephora. Not sure where else. It is a bit pricey – but a little goes a long way. Good luck 🙂

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