Sully’s Plane for Sale?????

Sully's miracle plane in the salvage yard??

That’s the word on the street anyway….that the famous U.S.  Airways plane that ditched in the Hudson…with everyone on board being saved….is now in the salvage yard, and yes, for sale. Is nothing sacred? Or maybe an old plane that has crash-landed is only worth the sum of its parts… 

Plane interior....whose luggage is that in the bins??

How do I know this? I got an email today from a free email magazine I receive called Urban Daddy.…(its devoted to keeping me in the know)that said that is indeed what is happening.  And there it was with a link to the  Chartis Insurance Company, (though it pops up as AIG Aviation)complete with loads of pics of the plane inside and out….if you click on the link to Chartis, you can see all the pictures.  I found it fascinating, because really, you never think about what happens to old airplanes that get semi-trashed….what then? They go to salvage, that’s what. Perhaps the most interesting/chilling photo of the plane may be the one below, that shows the belly of the plane ripped out. Ouch. It really was a miracle that everyone got out alive. So HOW do you get a piece of the action? Evidently bids are being taken, as you’ll see on the link under the pictures, …but I’m pretty sure Sully is not included in the deal. Oh, and they say the plane is for sale, “as-is, where-is” No kidding. They’re not gonna fix it and bring it to my house? I have called Chartis to confirm that this is really THE plane. So far, no call back. 

The picture says it all......

2 Responses

  1. Donna – It was a US Airways jet. The TLC program “Brace for Impact” had Capt. Sully traveling the same route of the jet in a helicopter describing the flight and its aftermath. There also was a segment where Sully walked around the aircraft. Remember, no engines!

  2. Celeste….my bad, and you are absolutely correct. It was an U-S Airways Jet…I have corrected in the copy. And thanks for noticing!

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