The Most Depressing Day of the Year…

yesterday was pretty blah.....

Turns out yesterday is referred to as  “the most depressing day of the year”….the last Monday in January. Why that day? People who know such things say it’s because the holidays are over:( and holiday bills are rolling in(my AMEX bill was truly startling), and it’s cold outside, and …. just because. And perhaps I had another reason to feel a little blue….we had moved my sweet daughter this weekend to her very first apartment. I just want to say this….we should have hired some movers. I wasn’t feeling great anyway, as Friday I was home sick with a dreadful cold which I’m still nursing. But we were optimistic that 3 of us could “handle it”. Yeah.

Her new breakfast/dinner area....all from Overstock...

And we did. There were no tears, and we were all speaking at the end of the move, but it was a tough, testy, long, messy two days. And while I love Ikea, can I just say…who writes those instructions? We bought a media unit for her which of course came in a flat box with 10 pieces that all looked kinda alike and a big pouch of wooden pegs and metals screws and round screw tighteners that look like tiny torture implements. First my daughter gave up on it after starting with gusto, then I did…finally her Father finished it. The title of my next book  is going to be Inside the Mind of a Swede“…and it will be a murder mystery about the mysterious disappearance of an IKEA instruction writer. Don’t steal my idea.

But the apartment is  almost finished…there are things she still needs…a rug, a longer cord surge protecter….and her room at home looks like a hurricane hit it. (It looked like that before, but now there’s less stuff in it.) I will show you more pictures later this week…but I thought the dining nook turned out’s at the end of her tiny kitchen, and the window has a pretty view. The table and chairs all came from Overstock….not part of a set, but we liked them together. The lamp is old, she bought the tray at Target, and the yellow pot had been on my desk at work….we just plopped an orchid inside. I’d eat there. I have more “stuff” to take over this week…or maybe it’s just a good excuse to see my girl! She says she is sleeping well there…which is something for her. So I’m glad for that. You know the oddest thing I miss? When she was in her bedroom at home,( it’s just across the hall from my bedroom), her door was closed but I could see the thin strip of light glowing underneath…I knew she was reading as was I….and when the light would go out, I’d think, “I really should go to sleep too.” I miss that little strip of light at night.  I know she’s fine, and I’m fine too…but I miss her, just like my Momma said I would.

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  1. Donna you are so right about this past Monday being the most depressing day of the year. I have been employeed at this company for ten years and at 4:00pm Monday the two owners came to me and told me they didn’t think I would fit in with their new plans and they fired me. Of course they had recently hired two new guys and a third is due to start next week but I “didn’t fit in”. I’m sure it isn’t because I’m 58 and being there ten years my salary was higher then the starting salary of the new employees. Well anyway, now I’m one of the statistics I have been reading about. Monday was a very depressing day.

  2. @ bob…i’m really sorry to read about you losing your job…and the terrible way it was handled…people should be more considerate towards each other…i hope you find a new and better position soon…

  3. I echo her sentiments Bob…sometimes it’s amazing how awful things are handled at the corporate leve…by the way, have you seen “Up in the Air”? But I hope that better days are ahead for you….let us know when that happens.

  4. Donna, You are just ahead of me in the daughter department. My daughter will graduate this spring. I see her home for a bit and then into the world. Be it a full time job(please God) or travel (don’t know where she will get the money). But that final leap is coming. I hope it goes as smoothly as yours and my emotions don’t get in the way.

  5. I really do feel for you as your daughter grows up and moves out. My children are about the age of yours, and one has moved out. I too miss that little light under the door that sort of provides a status report. So nice that your “girl” is close enough for frequent visits.I enjoyed viewing the photo you shared of her new place.

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