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It’s Almost Moving Day…..
January 14, 2010

It's almost moving day!!

You may remember my daughter graduated from college last May(yeah!), and has lived at home ever since. This past summer was the summer of slumber….looking for jobs yes, but also deep, languorous, coma-like morning sleep, which is something at which all 20-somethings just out of college seem to excel. That girl is a champion sleeper.

Then, she found a full time job…one that required her to be in downtown Baltimore by 8:30 AM. Hmmmmm…a serious attitudinal adjustment about bedtime was in order…and a really rude awakening time of 6:45 am. It was a shock to her delicate system. But she has adjusted, to her credit….though on the weekends, we never see her before at least noon. Talent will not be denied.

But later this month, she moves on to her first independent apartment. Oh, she’s  lived in dorm apartments with other girls, and houses in the summer with other girls, but it will be the first time she has ever lived on her own. Our house has become a staging area really….full of boxes with things she has ordered for her cute little studio…and boxes of things her brother brought down at Christmas….hand-me-down pots and pans, bowls, just stuff he and the lovely Jennifer didn’t need anymore(they upgraded most everything when they married…you know how it is).

More stuff to move....linens, pots and pans....

I heard her complain to her bro over Christmas…something like,”Mom is trying to take over decorating my apartment…”, to which he replied, sagely, “Let her!”. Jennifer echoed, “Yeah, let her.”  Now let me say this in my defense…I’m not trying to take over the look of the apartment, I’m just … guiding. As in…you need to pare down your colors…you can’t have yellow and red and Lily Pulitzer pink and green(I mean you can, but sheesh). Something’s got to go. Preventive apartment therapy.I want her to have a look that she’ll enjoy for a long time, and looks like an adult lives there, not a girl in college. Which she isn’t….not anymore. She was talking to a sorority sister about taking all her paraphernalia from sorority(and there’s a lot of it, believe me, much of it covered with sequins). Here sister offered this advice..”Leave it at home in a drawer.” Thank you Heidi.

My Mother and I had talked about this upcoming move…she knew Cada had a job and was planning to move….and while she was really happy for Cada, she also said, “You’re really gonna miss that girl.” Don’t I know it. I really enjoy her being home most nights….watching tv together, fixing her a cup of hot tea in the morning before she heads off to work, hanging a little on the weekend. And while I’ll still see her a lot…she won’t be far at all, it will be different. I know I’ve survived her leaving before…when she went to college, so I know I’ll survive again. And these months of living together post-college has been like a little gift, really. It’s a time we probably won’t ever have again(unless something unfortunate happens, as is sometimes the way). But the time for moving on has come….for her, and for me. Because I have to go write a story for the news, and stop blogging!! Oh, and tomorrow, I have something for those of you looking for a “calm” year….that seems to be a lot of us. See ya….