Recreating a Winning Weekend….

OK, here’s the deal. I’m really not all that superstitious…but I’m thinking we should all do as close as we can, what we did this past weekend, in hopes of a Ravens’ win this coming weekend in Indianapolis! I understand for those of you who were painting a bathroom or sawing wood, that’s asking a lot, but hey…a little sacrifice could please the football gods, and secure a victory. What does that mean for me?

Great place, On the the Hill!!

Friday night it means takeout..from On the Hill Cafe  next to MICA on John Street in Bolton Hill. They do killer good Cuban sandwiches (called the Mosher)with shredded pork. Try them out…they’re one of my faves.

Let’s see what else…I’ll have to call some friends who just moved to D.C. and tell them we’re coming back for dinner Saturday night. This may surprise them a little, me inviting myself over, but hey, it’s all in the name of a win. On the other hand, maybe the thing to do is exactly what you did last game time….that would not mean a trip to D.C. but the making of chicken wings. We did them a little differently this time…coating in flour and roasting them in  some butter in the over. They needed to cook a lot longer than the directions said, but in the end they were delctable, topped by a Carolina style barbecue sauce I found on sale(of course) at Williams Sonoma.  I’ll have to see if I can pursuade my daughter sleep throughout the game, because that’s exactly what she did Sunday. Maybe she’ll feel like a Saturday night nap. I could certainly wear the same unbelieveable good luck combo…grey sweatpants, t-shirt and grey sweater, hair pulled back in a ponytail, oh I was quite the sight let me tell you…and I’m pretty sure I can recreate that same fetching look this weekend. I could upgrade just a little with yoga pants without doing too much damage to the Ravens’ karma. And we’re all good to go, oui?

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