Time for a 2010 handbag makeover?

My Kooba handbag...gift from my sister-in-law!

I was inspired this morning by a funny segment on the Today Show, talking about “man bags”….I can’t criticize. Men are entitled to carry a bag…my son carries one and so does my husband.  But there’s not much inside…and that’s the real difference between a boy bag and a girl bag….all the stuff inside. Which made me wonder..what is really in my purse? I haven’t cleaned it out in a looooong time. Deep breath…here goes.

Exhibit # one....who doesn't rubber bands or tape?

In exhibit number one(a single picture couldn’t capture it all)….we have: a hairbrush, sunglasses, stamps, reading glasses, 2 emery boards, 2 containers of hand sanitizer(really can one be too sanitized?), a MAC compact, a whole bag of makeup(more on what’s in this in a minute), random movie stubs, receipts and tickets for dry cleaning I already picked up, a box with a necklace inside( the silver one I’m wearing tonight!), and a little flashlight on a key chain(I always think that ONE DAY I may be in the dark and voila, it will become useful).

the little pink corner at the top is my wallet(Lilly Pulitzer)

Moving on to the left side of the grouping, exhibit # 2…..we have: a videotape that I should have put in my desk drawer yesterday after a shoot ,but brought it home instead, my pink print wallet(hand-me-down from my daughter), a little owl change purse(that easily weighs a pound), coupons( so thrifty), two tubes of hand cream(love the Olivina), makeup brushes(I know the case needs washing, leave me alone), and more reading glasses.

Does anyone need this many lipglosses? I think not.

And inside the makeup bag? No fewer than 8 lipglosses of all kinds and colors, 6 lipsticks, 3 eye shadows(ones by Tarte I love), 1 lip pencil, 1 eye pencil, 1 eye pencil/eyeliner combo, 1 lip balm, mineral compact by Jane Iredale, and another Mac compact.

Oh yeah, and what you didn’t see is all the little bits of crap and pennies in the bottom of the bag, that I shook out into the trash can after I unloaded all this stuff. You’re probably thinking…..great idea…clean out the purse, get rid of things you don’t need, but here’s the thing. I put it all back in…except the old receipts and dry cleaning tickets. All of it. It’s my stuff…I need it all!

4 Responses

  1. Oh how I can relate to this blog! No matter how many times I have a handbag overhaul, it’s filled again within 2 days max! And each time I swear I’m going to get a smaller purse so I don’t have room for all the “stuff,” but that never happens. Like you said, the stuff is all needed.

    I was very quick to notice that your jewelry box is a Premier Design jewelry box. Absolutely love PD jewelry. In fact, today my necklace, ring and two bracelets are all from Premier.


  2. Oh you are observant Trish….That necklace was given to me by Tim Tooten’s wife Charlene, who sells Premier Design stuff. They have some great jewelry!

  3. Hey Donna! I am really impressed with the speed with which you blogged again. Boy I think you are doing a great job. I also have 3 little make up bags loaded with “stuff”. I put all three into one large bag. The joke is that I only wear lipstick and once in a blue moon liner and mascara. I just love to buy it and keep it. Plus who’s business is it what you or I keep or throw away? Happy New Year! Monica

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