It’s Friday…a snow Friday!

Hi everyone…this has been the oddest week for me. The first few days back at work were a little difficult, I’m not gonna lie to you…and I have just felt all over the map emotionally this week. But yesterday, i think I turned a corner of some sort. I can still cry at a certain song or something someone says, but it’s better…definitely better. My sisters and I will call each other to check on the other to make sure she got home after a trip. This was always Mom’s job…she was an dutiful, unpaid, professional worrier….she was so good at it, I let here worry about things for me. Now we’ll have to check on each other.

Mom would be so excited about the snow tomorrow, though always distressed when I would have to go to work(which I may have to do sometime over the weekend)….She would say, “WHY do you have to go to work? It’s snowing!” And I would reply, “Mom, in most jobs you stay home when it’s bad outside. But in my business, the worse it is outside, the more you have to go to work.” She always hated that.

And in Alabama we never got much snow…but a couple of times in my childhood we got 6 or 8 inches…..what delight. As we had no snow boots(really, only people with more money than sense or those who went on ski vacations had them, and Mom would probably add ski vacations also indicated more money than sense)….my ever inventive Mother just tied plastic freezer bags(which also housed creamed corn and lima beans) over our shoes, with rubber bands to keep them tight at the ankle…though this was only marginally effective. We made quite the fashion statement I can tell you. When they wore out ..which happened after about 3 snowballs, we came in for new ones, and hot cocoa.

I won’t wear plastic bags tomorrow, but a heavy-duty pair of snow boots I have from Eddie Bauer…don’t drag them out often but tomorrow looks like they will finally see what they were made for…cold and snow.

I wish for all of you a safe and warm weekend…enjoy the snow if you can…I know for some people it’s nothing but misery and hardship. For you, I hope it melts soon. Hope you get some hot chocolate this weekend!


3 Responses

  1. Everyone, just stay safe this weekend, big snow or no big snow! Allow more space between you and the car in front of you, since there’s likely to be some ice since the road surfaces are colder. And remember, 4-wheel-drive vehicles may get you going better than non-4WD, but they don’t stop any faster!

    I personally hate snow, but I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

  2. Sounds like we’re in for a huge storm…! Stay safe in it all, Donna!

  3. Dear Donna,

    Please accept my sympathies for the loss of your mother. My prayers are with you and your family. On a more upbeat note, you and WBAL-TV are my go-to station for news. I appreciate your dedication and reliability in what you do, your passion shines through every broadcast.

    In regards to today’s post (Dec. 18, ‘09), I can’t wait for the snow! I’ve always enjoyed it. Even though I was born here in Maryland, I still don’t get the absolute panic that appears at the mere mention of it. I lived in Wisconsin for a short time and the Mid-Atlantic doesn’t compare.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and enjoy the snow!

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