Thanks to all of you….

It’s the beginning of a long day here in Alabama….my sister’s living room is strewn with stacks of pictures of my Momma’s life…we’re trying to pick some(or hundreds) for a little presentation. Yesterday we entered the rare and expensive world of picking out caskets.

But I wanted to thank all of you who read my blog yesterday, and the kind comments made me cry(again). My sisters were amazed. “But they don’t even know Mother!”, but they understand that you really can get to know people you’ve never met, in a way. It’s like reading  about a character in a book of whom you grow very fond, and you’re shocked or saddened when they die at the end.  And even more, death is something we all share. None of us will escape its sorrow. So when my Mother dies, you’ve already been there, or know you will be one day. So for all your kind thoughts and words…thank you from the bottom of my heart. As my daughter-in-law, the lovely Jennifer likes to say, I heart you.


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  1. Sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. You will be in my prayers.

  2. Sorry to year about your loss. You and your family with be in my family’s thoughts and prayers.

  3. Of all the people in our lives, Mom is stability. God Bless you all and know that Moms don’t really die, They leave their daughters behind to carry on.

  4. Donna, I am so very sorry to hear your Mom passed. I lost mine when I was 16 and she was only 38. (breast cancer) My Dad passed two years ago this coming April and I was 56. Believe me I can tell you 40 years doesn’t make it easier. You always wish for one more minute with them just to say that one thing you wanted to tell them or at least to say “I love you” one last time.

    Tell your sisters we Marylanders “heart” our Donna Hamilton and hate to hear anything sad when it comes to someone that we have valued for so many years.

  5. Oh, Donna, I just read the sad news today about your Momma. How I feel for you and your sisters. Please accept the deepest condolences from Gail, Nell and Me. From three sisters to three sisters, close in years and so close to our Mommas. What memories to share, though, in years to come. God Bless your Momma and all of you.

    Love and tears.

  6. Dear Donna, I am so so very sorry to hear of your Mothers passing. That is one event that changes you like nothing else. She sounds like a truly great and admirable woman and has bestowed the wisdom of her life to you and your sisters. God has blessed you all for knowing her and now she can soar, free of the earthly chains that bind us. It’s especially hard at Holiday times, I have lost many loved over the holidays. I always think of them and touch something they touched and I can feel them in my heart, as you will too, always. Bless you all sincerely Paul

  7. Donna,

    “God is our refuge and strength.” Psalm 46:1
    Our prayers are with in the passing of your mother.

    God bless you,


  8. Donna: I lost my mom 20 years ago when I was 47. You never get over it. With god’s blessings and your faith you will survive. Your Mom is in a better place but she will always be there in your thoughts. God Bless You

  9. You and your family will be in our prayers. May God bless each and one of your family members.

  10. Donna,
    You are so correct, no matter how prepared we think we are and even though we know the loved one is in a better place, it is still so difficult to accept. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May memories of the wonderful times you spent with your mother bring you peace and comfort at this sad time.

  11. You mention of selecting a casket reminds me of planning my husband’s funeral. My daughter and I were in the casket display room trying to make a selection. We were leaning toward a higher end poplar casket. The funeral director rejoined us. She had just come from seeing my husband and mentioned that he was a large (very broad shouldered) man. She then suggested a wider, less expensive casket than the one we had originally chosen. On the way home my daughter and I talked about how rarely does a merchant try to talk you into something cheaper and we laughed about it. I hope that in the coming days that you and your sisters are able to find things to laugh about – maybe a story someone tells about your mother or something that goes right (or wrong) in the funeral service. God bless.

  12. Donna, I just read about your mom. You have my deepest sympathy. My mom passed about ten years now. I think of her every day and I know she is always around. It is still hard somedays. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Peace and Love

  13. Donna – I just read about your mom. Your family is in my prayers.

  14. Donna, I am not sure what led me to this google search this evening. However, I find it somewhat strange I came across your blog tonight as I sit in my Forest Park home. I am deeply sorry for your loss. As someone who grew up watching “The Morning Show” here in Alabama, I must say you had a very positive influence on my life. I thank you. I am sorry for the circumstances that has brought you back to Alabama this week. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  15. Dear Donna, daughters who lose their mothers feel a huge loss. I lost mine in 1992 and I still want to ask her about her favorite recipe(s) and memories. I wish you and your sisters well and in the future. May God Bless all of your family.

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