Wow…it’s the weekend already??

A Lollapalooza of a week.....

Seriously, it’s hard to believe it is Friday…because the week has been very very very very busy. First, the verdict finally came down for Mayor Sheila Dixon…we were on live for 3 hours or so after that happened. How did I feel about it? Kinda sad I suppose….I don’t know the Mayor personally…but I think most residents of the city feel she’s done a pretty good job….and she’s the first African-American woman to fill the job. It’s  just sad. But there it is.

Tiger and his drop dead gorgeous wife....

And then there’s Tiger Woods…..oh, Tiger. I think as soon as we heard about the car accident…first response…”Oh that’s terrible, hope he’s not hurt.” Then you hear he was leaving the house at 2:30 am…uh-oh…a little sumthin’ sumthin’ going on there. And then, his wife “rescued”  him with a golf club…Hmmmm, say again? I think we all knew from the get go that this was not good for El Tigre. And as more women come into the picture….well, well. Not that it’s some huge surprise…I hear on the tour it’s certainly not. But’s the thing….take almost any ridiculously rich, famous man….add on that he’s also ridiculously good-looking AND  travels a lot AND a professional athlete…. “Paging Mrs. Woods… have a problem!” I’m sure there are some pro athletes who are faithful to their mates, but from what I hear…it’s the exception rather than the rule. As someone in the newsroom said, “Marry a rich pro athlete, and you’ll earn every dime.” I’ll let the person who said it remain anonymous.

And then the lighting of the Washington Monument last night(hope you got to see it either in person or on tv)….there was a huge crowd there…it’s always crowded but it was packed last night, because of the nice weather. I never get enough of the Baltimore City College choir…those kids are sooooooo good….I could have listened to them the whole time….and the fireworks were killer this year. If you’ve never made it down to this event…try to come next year. And if you missed it on tv….you can catch it again this weekend…the Dec. 5th at 8pm and the 6th at 7 pm….on WBAL 11-2(it depends on your cable provider how it’s listed).  Enjoy…and have a great weekend. This one came fast.

Kelly Ripa in my blouse!!

Oh, and last perhaps least….I think Kelly Ripa snuck into my closet and borrowed my blouse….and my pants too! I wore the exact same outfit to a party for my son and daughter-in-law…..who wore it best? You know who’s the winner on that one…Ripa all the way, baby, all the way.


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  1. My heart goes out to you and all those who loved your mom. She’s celebrating this Christmas with God. My husband died 2 months ago….but I’m not sad forhim, I’m sad for me. He too is celebrating a new life and that makes me happy. No more pain…
    God Bless Us…Everyone! love, Annette

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