Towson High???? Big Thanksgiving oops on NBC…..


Just watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC…and we had a story on 11 News at Five yesterday about how Towson University was the only university band marching in the parade this year. Big honor…a big deal for Towson U…and they were super, if you caught them. But if you weren’t listening carefully, you thought it was another high school band…..I caught the graphic boo-boo on camera so you could see it. THEY CALLED THEM TOWSON HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine the guy doing the graphics for all these many groups and floats coming through…..and saw Towson University on the list and thought(or didn’t think)..”Hmmm, they must mean Towson High School..haven’t seen any other university bands soooooo…I won’t ask anyone, I’ll just make an executive decision.”  Or something like that. At least Matt Lauer SAID Towson University…but still….come on guys.

Those apples won't peel themselves....

Hats off to a stellar job in spite of the misnaming….you guys rocked it, Towson style!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone….got to go make an apple pie!!!


4 Responses

  1. Donna, Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  2. I caught that too when I was watching the Parade yesterday. All I could do was shake my head in shame. To make matters worse, CBS didn’t even show the band.

  3. Not suprised by that. The big media can’t get many things right nowadays. Thank goodness for our local media. On a good note, the band ROCKED the streets!

  4. As proud parents of a TUMB band member (trombone) we were there in NYC to watch our now “World Famous” marching band. It’s a shame that NBC had to mess up the graphic but the band played on and did a stupendous job representing the Towson University, the Towson community, and the State of Maryland. (Al Roker also butchered band director John Miliauskas name) They showed more spirit, enthusiasm, musicianship, and marching acumen than any of the other bands in the parade. I can tell you the kids had an absolutely great time, and so did we.

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