Thanksgiving Karma…..

It's not Thanksgiving without a big plate of Wonder Bread!

Ah, yes…tomorrow is the really big day….the family gathers together at a beautifully decorated table (oh my, where did you get those big pine cones?) with the house smelling deliciously like roasted turkey and dressing. The children are well-behaved(and well-dressed…no tee shirts) and appreciative of your efforts(“This is delicious Mom“), no one is tipsy…or mouthy…or late…no one say, “I usually put marshmallows on top of my sweet potatoes.” I’ve never actually attended the above feast, mind you, and maybe it exists only in movies or in my mind.

Truth is, tomorrow is a work day for many people…police officers, firemen(or women), doctors and nurses, and yes…news people have to work. So that already puts a little kink in the quest for perfection. In the perfect Thanksgiving no one ever says, “Will you shake a leg on the pie  honey, I’ve got to get to the hospital/police station/BGE/newsroom!”…whatever.

But even though yours truly will put in some hours at work, I’m all good with it. Tomorrow morning I will enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, and begin what for me, is the arduous process of transforming butter, flour salt and ice water into pastry dough…where are you Optimus Prime? The one think I’ve been asked to make for the dinner I’m attending, is apple pie. And against my better judgement, I’m doing it from scratch this year. No Pillsbury-already-flatttened pie dough(how do they get it so round? that’s one of my big problems..asymmetrical pie dough), no canned apples-yech-it will be done by my very own hands, though I’m pretty certain….no, make that 100%… Stone Mill Bakery can make a better one.

I did buy an extra dessert, a banana cream pie from Atwater’s…I know, I know, nothing about banana cream pie screams Thanksgiving, but I think it’s nice option for those who might like something different from pumpkin or apple. At least I know that pie will be delicious.

After I make my apple creation, I may try to catch up on Mad Men episodes…as someone was describing the finale this morning, I realized I never saw it! Oh, Don Draper…you never disappoint. There’s a guy who truly does “live in the bubble”.(Ever see that 30 Rock? Hilarious…)

We’ll head over for dinner about 5…eat some fabulous food, talk, relax a little, and then I’ll head on to TV Hill to do the 11 PM news. And be thankful for a good job…and for someone who graciously feeds me Thanksgiving dinner…and for a warm home…all that stuff. While Thanksgiving won’t be perfect, it never is really, and that’s ok too. It’s Thanksgiving! Try to have a lovely day, no matter what it’s like…do something nice for yourself…let a couple of irritating things a family member says to you just  ROOOOOLL off. And smile. And if you have some leftover good karma…send it the way of my pastry dough.


6 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Donna.. and good luck with the pie. 🙂

  2. I am sending you good crusty karma! I too have had a pie issue. I always make homemade pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving(my favorite holiday to boot). I went to make my crust last night and I couldn’t find, anywhere, my Grandmothers pastry blender. I know other methods of cutting in the shortening but I always used her blender and bonded with her memory, asking for a blessing too. She made the best pies from scratch. My daughter and i had to use her ancient egg beater as a substitute, and the pies look good. one tip for filled and baked pie crust is to add a pinch of baking powder, it helps the bottom of the crust cook and not get gummy. Happy thanksgiving Paul

  3. you’ll need a littel WHITE vinegar to make a really great pie crust. Google: NO FAIL PIE CRUS

    Been making it at LEAST 20 years……

  4. Baking powder? Vinegar?? Who knew!! Maybe I’ll put them BOTH in for good measure….thanks for the tips guys…googling no fail pie crust right now!

  5. don’t put both unless you want a foaming crust!

  6. My mother always made banana cream pie and chocolate cream pie for holiday dinners. As the oldest, it is now my responsibility to carry on the tradition. I always make my crust from scratch. Putting it in the fridg to rest makes it easier to roll out. My crust is never pretty but, according to my family, it is great tasting. When I was cleaning up, all the pie plates were licked clean so I guess they were telling the truth.

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