Getting my Twilight on…have you been bitten??

Yes, let's all take pictures of the back of his head!!

Yes, I will be getting my Twilight on this weekend…but not the way many of you are. Most of you will be jamming the gates at the movie theatres to for the opening weekend of  New Moon….but I’m a little behind you. While I have read(and loved, I’m sorry to say…ok, devoured) the Twilight book series…I never saw the first movie Twilight. I’m giving in. I got it the dvd in yesterday from Netflix, and will watch it sometime this weekend. And I’ll probably have to wait and Netflix New Moon as well, because my movie partner…. will absolutely refuse to see it. He’s totally unfazed by the Twilight hysteria. Whatever.

Snarky look delivered to Al Roker after his joke about pie....

And I feel a little sorry(but only a little)for the “kids” who have been catapulted into screaming superstardom by the movies. And wow, the producers have been getting their money’s worth out of them this week. Trotted out on Regis, Today Show, GMA, Ellen, Oprah….you name it, they’ve been there…touting the  marvels of Twilight. And I’m willing to cut Kristen(last name not needed for fans)a little slack. She did say she was sick when she was on Today, and threw poor Al Roker the look you see above, when he made a joke as they were ending the interview. She didn’t know they cut back to her on camera. Or…maybe she didn’t care?  I froze it on the dvr for the picture…it was just too good to pass up. I’m sure they must all be a little exhausted by the appearances and premieres. Enough…give them a holiday!

I hope there’s a little Twilight or something just as interesting in your weekend plans. I have no party to worry about….easy street, baby, easy street.


2 Responses

  1. Donna

    I saw New Moon last night at midnight! AMAZING!!! Books are still better, but get your read on!


  2. I’m one of the few who *haven’t* read any of the books yet. I’ve been avoiding them because of the impression I get that the series is very dark. Not in to that very much. But everyone is telling me how good the books are!

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