The wedding finally gets put to bed… to speak…

The adorable couple, mossy twigs and lots of candles....

This weekend we had an overdue wedding party for our son and the lovely Jennifer here in Baltimore. For those of you who remember( and the even fewer who care)…he was married in NYC late May, in a small, but lovely garden wedding. But with a small wedding, there are lots of people who don’t get to celebrate with you…so for our friends here in Baltimore who have known my son since he was knee-high or so, and quite a few friends with whom he has stayed close since middle school, believe it or not…we all gathered Saturday for one last wedding hurrah.

Sorry I don't have a better picture....

Remember how I dragged a carload of stuff to NYC to decorate for a party Friday night before the wedding, and then had to drag all that stuff home? Candles, vases, flotsam and jetsam….well, a good part of the flotsam went to the restaurant in Federal Hill too.  I wanted a kind of woodsy, rustic look at Taverna Corvino  on south Charles St.

cypress topiary from Lowe's

So I took birch wrapped candles, birch bark containers (got on after xmas sale last year at Pottery Barn)with evergreen trees in them, lots and lots of pine cones that I bought off of Ebay  from Oregon…sugar pine cones that are HUGE! I love them….and one big, silver Mercury glass pine cone from Pottery Barn.( My family again got a big laugh out of my BUYING pine cones off Ebay…whatever.)

See? Big....

In the tall centerpiece above….I had a tall galvanized French flower container….I put florists foam in it and arranged white Mitsumata twigs(from Nettleton Hollow) that are about 3-4 feet tall. Added some hanging votives…and it looked really lovely…or at least the “artiste”(me) who created it thought so.

Good food( who doesn’t like lamb chops with olive tapenade and unbelievable mac and cheese….oh, and the restaurant was kind enough to order in 2 cases of Natty Boh for my son and his friends-they only carry upscale beers…the Natty Boh was all gone at the end of the night. ), old friends, and family….Jennifer’s fam was there too…a lovely fun evening. But I’m glad it’s over…it was on my mind for a while now…you know it needs to happen soon when you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Now, until my next “worry project” comes along…sweet dreams for me.


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