Sound-off on dressing/stuffing/filling…or whatever you call it.

I wrote last week about an “interesting” recipe my Mom sent from the Birmingham News, for  grits dressing/stuffing for the turkey. I know…it sounds decidedly odd…but the writers of the Glorious Grits cookbook say it’s fabb. We’ll see.  Here’s what readers thought….

From Sue….”My husband would eat grits 24 hours a day. I will have to ask him if he would like his turkey stuffed with grits.” (We have not heard back from Sue about her husbands feelings on a grits dressing.)

Paul(who’s a fancy chef), said, ……”I love grits and used them in many ways but in the turkey?? I just don’t know..It could be one of those things that is possible and palatable but is it better than real dressing. Kind of like a veggie burger being substituted for a real beef burger, while it is tasty it not the same.”  (I couldn’t agree more.)

This was from my grits loving sister in Gulf Shores, Alabama( she had water under her house from Ida)….who wrote me about the recipe for pimento cheese …….” Hi little sister—lots of us still in the deep south add a little Worcestershire sauce–and i also have a friend who adds little green onion–which is very pretty and tasty ! I cannot imagine velveeta –sounds gross!i also want to try the grits dressing–but maybe not for thanksgiving! love u—audie”  And I want to point out that the velveeta and Worcestershire go in the pimento cheese…NOT the dressing. Though on second thought, it might not be half bad.

And from Kathy, a new word for dressing/stuffing…”I learned that grits were delicious when my husband was stationed in the Atlanta area about 25 years ago. I also learned how to make sweet tea and to order un-sweet. Those three years in the South taught me to love much about the South. Don’t know if I want to try grits in my turkey, though. My son-in-law from Philadelphia calls stuffing “filling”–he says that it fills the turkey and that is what they call it.”  OK, that is just odd. I mean I’ve heard of pie filling but turkey filling??  Those Phillies fans….

From Ed…”When this ole Pennsylvania boy went to Tenn for college in the ’70’s I discovered grits. To this day I can’t resist a hot bowl of grits at anytime of the day. Odd thing though, my wife is from Tenn and can’t stand ‘em, go figure. Ever put them in the fridge overnight and then the next day, slice and fry them and put maple syrup on them. Very good!!” Ummmm…Ed, you have committed the cardinal sin in my book about grits…putting sweet stuff on them. It’s just so wrong.

And this one from Jessica has me really intrigued.…” My mother-in-law makes a dressing with grits and saltines that is to die for. She tried to teach me, and after years I think I have it down!”  Well, Jessica, what are you waiting for? Send the recipe so we can give it a try! I do love saltines…maybe that is like an addition of bread to the dressing??


4 Responses

  1. Ed reminds me that my wife (from PA) had never heard of Hominy when she met me. Hominy is the whole puffed kernel of dried corn, not ground into grits. I have never seen it outside of Maryland either. Delicious with butter and brown gravy!

  2. Donna,
    Thanks so much for talking about my book, Glorious Grits, in your blog. I have been reading with interest the comments of your readers who have expressed their bewilderment at stuffing the Sausage and Grits Dressing into the turkey. They are right to be bewildered! Sausage and Grits Dressing is a Thanksgiving appropriate dressing, but it was developed to be baked in a baking dish and served as a side dish to traditional turkey. That said, if any of your readers want to try Sausage and Grits Dressing as a stuffing IN the bird, I’d love to know how it works. Maybe their recipe will make it to Glorious Grits, Volume 2! In closing, Donna, I see that we share a college alma mater–War Eagle!!

  3. Hi Susan!! I can’t wait to see your book….and as you say, dressing in the south is outside the turkey….my Momma never stuffed a turkey in her life…just a big baking dish of cornbread dressing, that was so moist and flavorful….I never make it quite as good as she did. Thanks for writing and the best of luck with Glorious Grits! And War Eagle right back at you…I’ve got my fingers crossed for a victory against Georgia this weekend.

  4. So where is the recipe for grits dressing?

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