Execution Watch…..

Mildred's book of her life with Muhammad....

I hope some of you got a chance to watch the story I did on Mildred Muhammad that aired last night on WBAL-TV…..tonight her ex-husband John Allen Muhammad is set to be executed for one of the ten sniper killings. Mildred has enormous dignity and poise….she is quiet-spoken, lovely, and a passionate advocate for victims of domestic violence. And she certainly was one even though she says her ex-husband never struck her. But there are soooo many other ways of hurting someone, as many of you already know ….firsthand.

She got a permanent restraining order against John Muhammad in 2000….and went into hiding here in Maryland…she was convinced that if he could find her he would certainly kill her, as he had promised her he would do. “You are my enemy, and as my enemy, I will kill you.” Chilling words.

But what struck me most about the interview, is what her children have gone through. Kidnapped for 18 months by their Dad, who was by most accounts a devoted father(though devotion became a mania of sorts)….they have had to watch as their Father was named as an infamous mass murderer. One of the most touching things Mildred said, was, “I appreciate the parents who let their children be friends with my children.” Imagine the pain and heartbreak contained in that one little sentence.

And tonight those 3 kids will know that their Dad, whom they still love in spite of everything, will die from lethal injection. That does something to you. Mildred said she and her husband Reuben are trying to help them process it…though she’s not sure how.  Anyway, send a little prayer, a little balloon of good karma, up tonight for the three Muhammad children….their life has been tough enough, and tonight, it will get tougher still. If you didn’t see the story or want to see Mildred’s entire interview here’s  a link…..oh, and her book Scared Silent is a really good read. You won’t believe all the twists to Mildred’s life with John Allen Muhammad.


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  1. Just as I hope tonight brings peace and closure to the survivors and the victims’ families, I hope and pray the Muhammad children can find peace.

  2. Thank you for such a poignant and thoughtful note about what the rest of the Muhammad family must have gone through today. Yes, there are a lot of people out there relishing in his demise for the terrible things he did, but I will keep his children in my thoughts tonight. Regardless of what he represented to the rest of us, he was their father. May they find some peace one day. I will be picking up a copy of Mildred’s book. Your interview was tasteful, professional and well done. Mildred, thank you for sharing your private thoughts; you are admired for your strength and tenacity in face of unimaginable stress.

  3. Ms. Muhammad:

    My name is Crystal and my heart goes out to you and your children. The day I heard on the TV that they were going to excuted you ex-husband tears came to my eyes but not for him but you and your children and the victims who will not see their children grow-up. I lived in FT Washington, MD probably not to far from you, but I will pray for you. I am also a college student and happen to have the book on the Sniper and I wrote a paper on the ordeal. It really got to me because I once was married too! I plan to get your book and journal. Be blesssed!

    Crystal Crump

  4. Donna, yours was a thoughtful note about the Muhammad children. I do, however, wish you would have mentioned the many children of Muhammad’s victims. Those children never had a chance to say goodbye, search for closure before death, or talk about the love they shared. Surely their suffering is worth a mention in the same breath as Muhammad’s children.

  5. Chris….of course their suffering is worth mentioning. And talking about the Muhammad children doesn’t diminish in any way what the victim’s families have gone through. Not at all. That simply wasn’t my focus.

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