Guess what I did this weekend??

And this isn't all of them.....

It was one of those uber-exciting weekends where there was just SO…MUCH…WORK…that all you really wanted to do was take a nap, but nooooo. We’ll have none of that.  Raking and bagging leaves is at least good exercise, so that’s something a little inspiring about it…and the gutter looks better, now that the leaves won’t get wet and impacted into something akin to a brick over the winter. Done.

Sigh... my dream closet....

Less exciting  was getting all the summer stuff  of my small closet(yes I know, some of you have closets large enough to not require this seasonal craziness but I don’t, OK?). So the winter stuff is in….and the summer stuff is on the bed in the guest room. Hmmmmm. Guest room closet is full of …something… so I guess it’s to the basement we go. It’s kinda dark down there, but now that I have a dehumidifier, it’s no longer damp. And there are closets, but I haven’t  kept clothes in them for years. That’s because after one really damp summer, I schlepped down to get some winter things and they were…wait for it…covered in mold. Yech. Ok, maybe not covered…but there were splotches, ok? Some things the dry cleaner saved, others had to be thrown away. But now dehumidifed, it should be ok, right? And it  is winter, which is dry anyway. I’m going for it. Will let you know next spring if it worked out.

And then, I’m expecting guests this weekend…the lovely Jennifer’s parents whom I love, her sister(who’s equally lovely), and possibly her Grandmother are in town for a little after wedding party for the Baltimore crowd. Yes…wedding II.  So I know they’ll be at our house at some point this weekend, and those of you who share my insecurities will understand there’s a little angst associated with this. I’m truly excited and happy about them being here, since we can’t go to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving(I have to work)…but in spite of all my trying to be all laid back and cool….that really isn’t me. That’s just my cool facade. The inner real me wants everything to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T. And it won’t be…it never is. But maybe, just maybe ….it’ll be good enough. If my summer clothes don’t get moldy.

3 Responses

  1. I had a friend who seemed to have a PERFECT solution to moving her seasonal clothes in and out of her bedroom closet. She CHANGED BEDROOMS each season instead….wish I could do that!!!

  2. Me too Caole….me too.

  3. You mean you are not provided with a new wardrobe each season, with the last season going to charity? Please find humor in my sarcasm

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