Pimiento Cheese and Flannel-lined jeans….

Wow, things really never change.....

It’s odd how seeing certain things take you right back to your childhood. Or maybe it’s that everything that goes around, comes around. Take for example, flannel-lined jeans. When I was a child, I had a pair in the back of my drawer that I absolutely despised. In ‘bama, there was little call for such an item as you might imagine, but every once in a while there would be a “cold snap”, and girls were “allowed” to wear pants to school(I know, I know…how archaic is that?). But rather than simply wear pants, my Mom shoe-horned me into the most awful  flannel-lined jeans… under a dress. Imagine if you will, a stiff, bulky, little worn pair of flannel lined jeans…under a dress. The horror of one of those days remains with me still.  I was quite the fashion statement, but as I saw today on L.L. Bean….flannel lined jeans are still around…hopefully, (dear Lord, think of the children)prewashed.

classic pimento cheese sammich

The Today Show this morning, had a 2009 version of one of my childhood favorites…. pimento cheese(pronounced puh-men-ta cheese)… took me way back. As I’ve mentioned before, people who’ve never eaten anything but sticky, gross, sweet, store-bought pimento cheese, have never eaten pimento cheese. No…don’t tell me you know one that tastes good….that’s just crazy talk. You have to make your own, to get the finesse of pimento cheese. And it just ain’t that hard…grate some sharp cheddar cheese, add some jarred pimentoes(which are basically roasted red peppers), some mayo….and you’re golden. I’ve read some recipes that use Velveeta…I’m skeptical.  I like the real cheese. I’ve provided a link here to Paula Deen’s recipe….she uses sharp white and yellow cheddar…sounds good…and I like a few dashes of  Tabasco for a little extra zip.

Layered pimento cheese potato gratin....why didn't I think of that?

But on the Today Show, the Lee brothers…authors of a new cookbook called Simple Fresh Southern…put a new spin on pimento cheese…in a potato gratin! The recipe which I’ve linked here….looks pretty simple….really more like a deconstruction of pimento cheese, with potatoes. How can you go wrong? I will definitely give it a try this weekend. pimento cheese and flannel jeans….one out of two isn’t bad.


3 Responses

  1. hi little sister—lots of us still in the deep south add alittle worcestershire sauce–and i also have a friend who adds little green onion–which is very pretty and tasty !

    i cannot imagine velveeta –sounds gross!

    i also want to try the grits dressing–but maybe not for thanksgiving! love u—audie

  2. Hi Donna, and you flashed me back to the late 1950’s in UNLINED HARSH WOOL “leggings” walking to Yorkwood Elementary School on nasty Baltimore Winter
    days…..both ways!!!

    Those poor sweet teachers had to peel them off of us and store them in the hallway lockers–NOT so dry on the way back home!!!

    Notice the verb WALK!!!!! No hovering parentals—–SUCH a great decade to be a KID!!!!!

  3. corks! Your corks are being saved.

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