Ebay Bounty…you really can sell anything…

Carefully hot-glued wine corks....

A shoebox came in the mail the other day, wrapped in brown paper…my daughter eyes lit up when she saw it and said, excitedly, “New shoes?”, naturally  thinking they MIGHT  be for her.  Ah, disappointment…. we meet again.

Inside the shoebox was about 50 used wine corks. She looked at me with the most peculiar look that implied Mommy has gone around the bend, and said, “Old wine corks? Wow…you really can sell any kind of crap on Ebay.”  I suppose that’s true. Sure, you can put anything on the market, but it takes a special buyer like myself to actually make it a sale.

But I needed more corks…(and still need more if you have any to send my way…especially fancy wine corks-amazingly I have very few of those) I’ve been saving them up for some time to cover part of  a wall over the door in the kitchen. And clearly, I needed to be drinking faster and more often to complete such a cork-thirsty project. After hot-glueing every cork I had, I was only about two-thirds of the way. Sooooooo,  I went on Ebay.

Wine Store in NYC with a total wine cork wall....

I was soon the proud owner of not one but two lots of various, wine corks( the first batch has way too much Woodbridge in it)…corks worthless to someone else of course, but not to me.  And this is also very green…these corks did not end up in the trash…reuse is the ultimate recycling…and if you don’t send your corks to me, save them up and send them to this Planet Green website….Corks for Kids is a non-profit organized through Recycle Cork U.S.A.

A wider view….

 I kinda like the look of the wall….and it’s fun to arrange the patterns. And if I get tired of it, I can pull them all down and sell them…on Ebay. Oh, and I also bought some pine cones on Ebay. yes, I know I can walk under any pine tree and find pine cones…but these are special! Huge pine cones that only grow out west!  Wonder no more about who is the grease that makes the Ebay wheel turn….it is I.

Happy Halloween everyone..have a great weekend, be nice and come home safe.


6 Responses

  1. Corks! I used to save wine corks but I never thought anyone would buy them, silly me. I save some “fancy” corks now and then but real cork corks are getting scarce. I do have a source for them though if you are really interested. A friend of mine has rescently opened a little wine bar in Havre de Grace and they specialize in uncommon wines. read as NO woodbridge! Let me know and I will ask him to save me some.

  2. You are so on, Paul!! I would love that….and by the way, where is this little wine bar in Havre de Grace, and what’s its name?? Sounds interesting!

  3. It’s called The Vineyard Wine Bar, and it’s on Washington st.
    They have a web site and a facebook page too. thevineyardwinebar.com

  4. I LOVE!!! We started collecting corks about 6 months ago and hope to someday have a wine corkboard. We just returned from our honeymoon, and the first stop was Napa. I saved every cork from Napa and Hawaii, plus our shipment of wine we purchased in Napa arrived yesterday. That will add 12 to our collection of about 20. It’s going to take a long time!

  5. Oh Katrina….You started collecting wine corks 6 months ago…..and you have 20? Girl, you are not drinking enough…seriously. But at least all your corks will be memories…not ones you bought on Ebay…and by the time you’re 70 or so, you should have enough!

  6. Donna – I have collected corks for years to make a cork board – like Katrina – which I finally completed this year! I have enough corks to make 5 more probably. But, I found that as you keep collecting you get to be a cork snob 😉 If it isn’t cute/different in some way it just isn’t good enough for the cork board. I love your idea of the cork wall. I would write on the corks when it was a special occasion or shared with a special group of people – those corks ended up to be my favorites on the board. Now I find that I buy wine based on what the cork potential is. Hmmmm, this bottle looks like it could have a good cork in there 🙂
    Cheers! Sue

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