The Kitchen Cure….I’m taking it!

Refrigerator stuff: bits of butter, yes, perfume, anchovy paste, curry sauce

Refrigerator stuff: bits of butter, yes, perfume, anchovy paste, curry sauce

Ok, if you’re anything like me at all, in spite of your good intentions, your kitchen counter/shelves/refrigerator get cluttered. All the stuff that you don’t really want to throw away…hey, I might need that 3-year-old half  jar of red curry paste…but you really don’t know what to do with it either. So, it ALL…ADDS…UP.

Last week, I was sent an email from Apartment Therapy…which is a website that caters to people who live in small spaces…how to expand your storage, decorating issues, 8 top stylists tricks, etc…..and regarding the kitchen cure, which they actually did this past spring, this is the challenge: “Welcome to our second annual Kitchen Cure! This is a series of posts, reader interaction, and assignments designed to help get your kitchen in shape. The goal, in four fast weeks, is for your kitchen to be clean, healthy and organized, and your cooking more nourishing and delicious than ever.” And while I don’t live in an apartment, my kitchen is small….organization is key.

Well, at least I have 4 weeks…that’s something. So this weekend, as assigned,  I tackled the frig, and a lazy susan cabinet in the corner that tends to be the place I put the kitchen flotsam and jetsam.  And the refrigerator’s need goes without saying. Full of stuff …how old is that jar of spaghetti sauce in the back anyway? And three jars of opened picked okra? Really?  I mean, I love pickled okra, but let’s combine and recycle. And why does my daughter buy those little container so flavored yogurts and then never touch them again? Bye-Bye. And yes, I keep my cologne in the frig, especially in the summer after I read somewhere that it stays nice longer. For sure, it stays cooler.

I know...thats nasty....

I know...that's nasty....

And uh-oh. Something really sticky on the bottom of one shelf…soap and hot water required….So I invested a couple of hours to this project, reorganizing, combining, cleaning, polishing, (I think that mozzarella stick might be the oldest think in the frig….date unknown), but you put back the pared down items, into the newly cleaned spaces, and….sigh, happiness.

That same shelf, clean and freshly arranged...

That same shelf, clean and freshly arranged...

I actually opened the refrigerator a couple of times this morning, just to look at its gleaming, fresh interior. And the lazy susan( which was known to throw various plastic container tops into its dark corners just to snarl up the works-a pathetic cry for attention) now turns freely….look below, I’m really happy about it. Now if someone wants to reach for something in my cabinet or frig, I won’t have to rush over and say, “Oh, I’ll get it!”…out of cabinet shame. Next weekend , the spice cabinet. Now there’s a challenge.

Much, much better, now I know where my Furi chopper is!

Much, much better, now I know where my Furi chopper is!



3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the inspiration! With the Ravens BYE week, now I know what I will be doing this Sunday!!! Not quite as much fun, but definitely a necessity!

    Sure missed your blog… check every day… Guess you were busy, busy…

    Now on to the Kitchen Cure!

  2. You go Tricia!! that will indeed be a good few hours to complete my project, because the spice cabinet awaits, and it’s a real mess.

  3. Well, recent circumstances forced me in to the kitchen cure.. (sigh) My refrigerator died a painful death. So, there was lots of stuff I ended up throwing out. Advantage being that the new refrigerator is clean, organized, with fresh items. 😉

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