A Girl Needs Her BeautyFix….

My first shipment of products from BeautyFix....and  a gift makeup case...

My first shipment of products from BeautyFix....and a gift makeup case...

I don’t know how many of you like to try new products….of the makeup/skin care/beauty kind…but I love it. There’s nothing I adore more than getting free samples to try, when I buy a product in a store or online….and manufacturers know this. So, they’ve come up with an ingenious way to make you pay for samples!!

It’s a group called BeautyFix.com, and when you join, you are the member of …yes…an “exclusive” club.  Your membership entitles you to “receive the season’s hottest products , handpicked by a panel of experts“.

SO who are those experts? You can read about them online, but to save you time, I did it for you. Here’s the rundown: 3 plastic surgeons, 2 dermatologists, 1 cellular aging specialist(?), 4 celebrity hair stylists, 4 celebrity makeup artists, 3 beauty editors(though it must be said one if freelance..you know) and count ’em….7 bloggers.  And it is well known bloggers will do almost anything for free stuff. Except myself, of course. And I am paying full freight for my “beautyfix”….$49.95 quarterly(plus shipping and handling naturally).

My favorites so far.....

My favorites so far.....

You know  what a sucker I am for a pitch like this ….so of course, I joined and anxiously awaited the first of my 4 times yearly shipments. Here’s what I got in the first one: A big ME! bath ice cream bath ball, Decleor Instant Radiance, SpaRitual lotion, SpaRitual nail polish, Pur-lisse lip balm(really like this), IQ Derma Firmaceuticals firming body gel(haven’t tried it yet but have high hopes), Skindinavia makeup finishing spray(keeps your makeup fresh-like it), and Degree(yes the deodorant maker) body mist(not so much likee). And you should know that while some are sample/travel sizes, a few are full size products.

Will I continue on with being part of the club? Dunno….I’ll wait on the next shipment to make a judgement…but so far, it was admittedly fun to get a bunch of stuff in the mail to try out. And I guess it is a good deal if you went out to buy these things….the Pur-lisse lip balm is $22, the full size Firmaceuticals body gel(which is what they sent)…is $80! And the Skindinavia spray..you get a full size, that sells for $29 online. So there you have it….The scoop on BeautyFix….


3 Responses

  1. I just love the Skindinavia finishing spray too. They used to sell it at Ulta, but now I have to get it online. It is quite the find:)

  2. Donna:
    If you’re REALLY interested in fantastic skin care (formulated in Switzerland and made in USA), you absolutely must try Arbonne products. They are all natural, contain no animal by-products like many other skin care lines, Ph correct, vegan certified, and are made from natural botanicals. I’ll be more than happy to send you FREE samples if you’d like. In the meantime, check out the webiste at http://www.eileenfarmer.myarbonne.com. I’d love to know your thoughts and I mean what I say..if you want me to send samples to you at the station, I can certainly do that. Or feel free to contact me through the website.

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