Get your talk on…your Yubz Talk…

I love my orange Yubz!!

I love my orange Yubz!!

I have a new phone, people…well, really, my phone is not a new phone but a new extension to my phone. I mean…I DO have a new phone but it’s not really new because my daughter used my upgrade and so I upgraded to her old phone, which was way better than mine. With me so far?

But what I wanted to share with you is my new Yubz Talk cellphone handset!! Ever since we did a story a year or so ago about the radiation from  cellphones, that we are constantly pressing to the sides of our heads,  I’ve been trying to keep it at a distance. I use the speaker phone when I can, but there are times when that’s even more annoying for people than hearing just one side of your conversation. So when I stumbled across  the Yubz….I was smitten. You can plug it in to many varieties of cellphones, and my new/old Verizon LG will fit…and just gab away, with no radiation. It’s about 35 bucks, and they also make an online talk version for your computer.

You will get comments. Phil, who works in the newsroom…just walked by and said “Like your phone…that is very Cindy Brady!”  That’s right Phil. And the Yubz comes it lots of cool colors. While mine is Florida Orange, you can get it in Chalk pink, Orchid purple Sky blue, Jet black, and even a limited edition in GOLD!   So if you see me driving along or strolling along with my orange headset, Don’t come to a screeching halt(and cause an accident as one person suggested to me)….just keep on going and get your own. Your head will thank you and you can still talk away. Great gift idea….peace out for today….


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  1. That is pretty cool.

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