Back to DIY….I miss my housekeeper and cook…

Another town scene in San Miguel....

Another town scene in San Miguel....

OK, I’ll admit it….I like being waited on as much as the next person. And one spectacular thing about the house we rented in San Miguel de Allende, was that a wonderful woman named Malena, came with the house. Oh, Malena, I miss you. I miss your tomatilla sauce, your chicken enchilladas, your roja sauce, my bed being made without me doing it. I miss the whole frijole.

I wasn’t sure how I would like having someone being around the house most of the day…maybe you’re used to it but I’m not. But I adjusted rather well I think(boy did I). Malena lets herself in about 9, and leaves the same way around 3:30 or 4…depending. She was happy to cook you breakfast, which we never did, as we usually had some croissants and coffee(decaf for me), earlier than 9. But Malena was a whirlwind…doing towels and sheets, sweeping, making beds, cleaning the kitchen, getting the guest rooms ready. And always so pleasant. I loved her.

But here’s another thing..I hope I didn’t step on her toes, because I liked to “help”. We asked her to do dinner for us one Friday night when the “chilluns” came in for the weekend…and made sure that she wanted to do it…and what the menu would be. You pay her extra of course, to stay over, and cab fare home….so it’s a some extra income.

All of this was accomplished thru the handyman Jose, who unlike Malena, spoke very good English, and translated for us. I know a little Spanish, but not enough to explain something  the least bit complicated. But that Friday night I found myself helping her clear the table, and she would “NO, Senora…” and wave me back to the table.  I’m not used to having help,ok?

The living room looking out on the garden....

The living room looking out on the garden....

And if you’re wondering about the house we rented(off VRBO, naturally)…I’ve provided a VRBO link for you here. It was such a gracious home…I think that’s the proper word for it. And I know I’ve written about VRBO before….but I’m a VRBO addict. Love that site. And it’s just such a great way to travel…to have an entire house, instead of a hotel room. See the garden outside? Under the portico on the left is where you eat meals, with a little fountain burbling just a few feet away. I’m back to DIY…washing my own towels, and clearing my own table , and doing all my own cooking….but Malena, I hope to see you again. And soon.

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