Back from Mexico…to cat pee on a sisal rug

Adios, San Miguel!!

Adios, San Miguel!!

Yes, readers I had a terrific vacation in Mexico…the lovely colonial town of  San Miguel de Allende was a great getaway….very relaxing…perfect weather and yummy food….I’ll tell you about where we stayed and stuff later, but yesterday and today I’m just catching up on about a trillion emails(sigh), and just getting it together.  Honestly, I was a little tired yesterday as we flew in late Wednesday night….put our bags down….was told the cat had peed on the rug….and fell into bed. Welcome home from Baby Girl!

Beeswax candles at a Mexican funeral home....really.

Beeswax candles at a Mexican funeral home....really.

My house looks like a bomb went off , because I haven’t really had the time to unpack so I’m kinda unpacking in stages. A pile of dirty clothes in one corner, some suitcases half empty that have yet to be put away, a pile of candles (more on this later) that I dragged home from a Mexican funeral home(yes, really)….mail and newspapers all over the dining room table…you know the drill. Tomorrow for sure, I’ll get everything taken care of, but haven’t had the time or felt like it, honestly.

Cat pee on a sisal rug as a welcome home gift? What the….and from what I’m reading online, washing it isn’t such a good idea. This one may have to consigned to the bulk trash heap…which I really hate to do, but I also don’t want to keep something that might once again inspire Baby Girl to…ummm…. transgress. And I can’t be mad at her…she looks at me with those big, round B to the G eyes,  which say, “What else could I do? You left me!”  If you have any ideas, let me know. But anyway…I’m back.


5 Responses

  1. Welcome Home! Glad you are back. As for the gift from the cat, my son’s cat did the same to his wool rug. Much airing out and much much more vinegar did get the smell to finally leave. Your could try that or if the rug wasn’t that expensive, just replace it.

  2. Welcome Home Donna, We have all missed you…Glad you had a graeat vacation.

  3. Donna, good to have you back and glad you had a great vacation, I am now the jealouse one! I can’t wait to hear about it, especiallly the FOOD! Sounds like Baby G was pissed….er.,..mad angry with your abscence. I have seen it before with cats and I advise getting a new rug as there are plenty of them in Mexico for next to nothing and that would make a good excuse to go back, right? Ole

  4. Glad to hear you had a great get away! I too have returned to the revenge of the kitty left behind. Whatever you do-treat the floor under the rug! Even if you replace the rug – treat the floor or she may return to her “spot”. Nature’s Miracle works about as well as any cleaner, it’s available at PetsMart & it’s pretty reasonably priced. Good Luck!

  5. Donna white vinegar & water (50/50 mix) will get the smell out of the rug and off of the floor – try it before you trash the rug … glad you’re back, missed you terribly but realize that some of us need to get away periodically and glad that you had a great time …

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