It’s Monday…and I made it…

This was the best part of my weekend....

This was the best part of my weekend....

Yes, my glorious new caffeine-free life has begun. Not with a bang…more like a whimper. I’ll be honest, I really miss my morning coffee. And while I tried to fool myself  with decaf, it’s just not the same. Not the same at all. So I can wait quite a while before brewing some, because I really don’t care. I know it  sounds as though  I’m sulking, there is an element of that going on…”Donna want her coffee and she want it now!!” Oh well. I know I’ll get past this, but it may be some time….quite some time…before I don’t miss my coffee. But I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement from all of you…really.

On the plus side, I attended(with a little caffeine headache) a terrific crabfeast in Chestertown Saturday night. My friend Elise and her darling hubby had really outdone themselves….a canopy of lights over tables set outside were soooooo pretty. And look at how  the crabs were arranged…not just dumped on the tables, but artfully arranged in a row…like crabs in a congo line. Love it.

Yummy corn on the cob...

Yummy corn on the cob...

And there was potato salad, creamy and roasted potatoes, sweet Maryland corn to slather with butter, and Elise had made not one but two Smith Island cakes …one the traditional yellow cake with chocolate icing…the hands down favorite…and one with devil’s food cake with white icing. She admitted that making two Smith island cakes was something she would not attempt again anytime soon. Me either.

Bloody Mary bar at the Imperial Hotel...

Bloody Mary bar at the Imperial Hotel...

We stayed at the Imperial Hotel in Chestertown…a stately  old hotel that was kind of  like staying at your Grandma’s house, in the best sense of the term…if your grandmother had a huge vintage victorian house, with brass beds, and creaky floors. Great restaurant too, with a fabulous brunch menu…We sat outside and enjoyed the Hangtown Fry omelet, complete with fried oysters(delicious) and check out the Bloody Mary bar…all different blends of tomato juice, and you pick which vodka you want, and add the fixings. Pretty presentation….and they are kindly sending the book I left in the hotel room(darned if I don’t always leave something)…Girl with the Dragon Tatoo  by Steig Larsson, if you must know.

Theres a turkey under this trashcan!

There's a turkey under this trashcan!

Oh, and I’ve never had a trashcan turkey, but I can now add it to my list of culinary checkoffs….that’s it on the right…and there really is a turkey under there, as you’ll see in the next picture.  Guessing if it’s done is the hard part I guess…this is one I’d love to try…if only I had a field I didn’t mind scorching a big hole in my yard.

Hmmmm, is it done you reckon?
Hmmmm, is it done you reckon?

That’s the beauty of owning more than a postage stamp of a yard. But the turkey was delicious, really moist….and the man who made it…Kurt…never got one bite. You snooze, you lose, my friend.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! 🙂 Hang in there with the caffeine withdrawal.. it is better for you. Although, I’m not one to speak. My “poison” is chocolate. Complete chocoholic. (sigh) Well, like I said.. hang in there….

  2. Crabs and no beer? Such a good girl…..

  3. I am so glad to see that somebody besides myself enjoys Miller High Life! The crabs look delicious, I think I might need to get some for this weekend…

  4. Dear Sue,
    If you’ll read carefully I never said I didn’t drink beer. I was half a good girl.

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