It’s Friday people!! And I’m kicking caffeine…really.

Goodbye my love, my French Roast....thank goodness Zekes makes it in decaf...

Goodbye my love, my French Roast....thank goodness Zeke's makes it in decaf...

Yes, and this particular Friday is starting off with no coffee…, ummmm…let me restate that. No coffee that really means anything to me today, as in ….no caffeine. Did you hear me? I said NO CAFFEINE!!! That means by this afternoon, perhaps earlier, I will feel as though my forehead was in a vise, that keeps tightening, tightening….yeah. I’m really looking forward to that. And if this afternoon on 11 News at Five, I look like I’m thinking about a cup of coffee from Zeke’s in Baltimore, it’s because I am. Thank goodness they make a French Roast in decaf.


Why on earth have I decided to go cold turkey on caffeine? Because my doctor told me to. Simple as that. I was having some not happy feelings in my chest, like feeling my heart beat too fast, which if you’ve never experienced, is not a good feeling. More like a bad feeling.  So the verdict…no coffee, no tea, no alcohol…and the coup de grace…no chocolate.(sound of crickets)

Come on!! I stared at him in disbelief….many of  the little things that make life enjoyable? You just slice them out of my life? Why not just reach inside and… take another little piece of my heart, now baby…oh, sorry, that was Janis Joplin. Anyway, I offered weakly, “I have cut back on caffeine…this morning I only had a half a cup of coffee.…”. He stared at with a look that said , “oh, you little ignoramus, you just don’t get it, do you?” And then actually said, out loud, “I didn’t say cut back, I said NO caffeine.” I don”t smoke thank God, because I’m sure he would have snatched that too, if I did.

So, this morning, without any urgency at all because what difference does it make,  I brewed some decaffeinated coffee. That’s a sad thing. I’ll have some deffeinated tea mid-afternoon(but will be gobbling Tylenol for the headache no doubt). I won’t eat any chocolate, even though I make a mean dark chocolate sauce that is so fabulous over vanilla ice cream.  I won’t have any wine even though it is Friday night people!!! I have a big pitcher of decaffeinated iced tea in the frig instead. Yegads. There it is …my sad  little tale of woe. I know, count my blessings, you’ll get over the coffee thing, things could be much worse . All this I know, but I’m allowing myself one day of wallowing in self pity. OK, maybe half a day. And then I’ll move on to my caffeine free existence. Sigh. Have a good weekend, play nice, and come home safe.

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  1. I don’t drink Coffee, if I was on caffeine I would be a wild man. I can’t imagine how hard it is to go cold turkey.

    On the bright side it will be nice to see you on the news again.

  2. I had to seriously cut back on caffeine also. Check out Baltimore Coffee & Tea on Aylesbury Rd in Timonium. They have a great selection of items that are caffeine-free and taste wonderful. (My present favorites are french vanilla tea and peach melba tea.) Many of the companies they represent/sell, like Bigelow, Eastern Shore Tea Co., have us in mind! Hope you can kick the caffeine headache quickly, too, so you feel better fast.

  3. So far, NO caffeine headache, of course, the day is young. And Ryan, thank you….so sweet. Yes, I will be back on the air tonight. See you then!

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you must cut out caffine. I would probably turn into a drooling imbecile without it! And alcohol too! Is this going to have to be a permanent change or just for a little while to see what’s going on? Stay strong my friend and keep your decafinated little chin up!

  5. Why, oh why are you giving up caffeine? Does that doctor know what he is asking of you? Never, never will I give it up. They can come for my car, house, husband, but they will never get my coffee.

  6. If I told you skipping a cup of coffee saves a tree in the rainforest … does that help any? (Didn’t think so.) Darn you! Now you have me thinking that I should consider the same … dropping the “C” word. Anxious to see how you do. Stay tough!

  7. Best wishes with cutting out the caffeine. Just be careful about what you take for the caffeine headache – Excedrin contains caffeine.

  8. sorry to hear this ,sis–i just found a really killer chocolate cake recipe==ina gartens chocolate ganache cupcakes==because you are the cupcake queen! actually–you will learn alittle caffine wont hurt–but more you will feel–i have this too–who would have guessed!! love you–audie

  9. No chocolate? How awful! I am a coffee drinker too, but I would find it much harder to give up chocolate. Actually, the average chocolate bar contains about the same amount of caffeine as an average cup of decaf coffee, so if you can have the decaf…

    I’m just sayin’!

    Good luck and hope you are feeling ok.

  10. Hi Donna,
    I read your blog everyday and I had a similar experience years ago.I was having severe heart paplitations. It would feel like my heart was on the outside of my chest beating. I went to a heart doctor and they decided to attached a heart monitor to me for a day.
    After having a heart monitor attached to me for a day, they really couldn’t find anything wrong. After I went home and started to eat lunch that day, it finally hit me why I was having heart paplitations so bad. I always used some type of artifical sweetener (Equal, Sweet and Low,etc.). I would put it in my hot tea, I ate yogurt that had it in and I also drank diet soda and hot chocolate that contained an artificial sweetener. After removing it from my diet, I have not had any occurences. I wasn’t sure if you use any artificila sweeteners but if you do manybe try removing them from your diet.

  11. My doctor told me about 30 years ago to stay away from caffeine and chocolate because of a cystic conditions in my breast. I did give up both (eventually) and never have had a problem since but what I don t understand is the wine. Why did your doctor say no alcohol? i would think the wine would slow your heartbeat …….the Mediterranean diet which includes wine is one of the healthiest options you can choose. Change doctors!

  12. Donna,
    I feel your pain. I was diagnosed with Atrial Fib about four years ago, and was told NO caffeine, and no alcohol. If I stick to that, it only acts up about once every 15 months. And, then a trip to the hospital is necessary to get my heart back in normal rhythm. On the plus side, when I had to give up my beloved wine, I lost 15 pounds in a few months! I am not even supposed to have decaffeniated tea or coffee. I adjusted, although I do miss wine….

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