A Friday Sea Turtle Hatching…and my baby girl hatches too!

A baby sea turtle gets ready for his first swim in Gulf Shores....

A baby sea turtle gets ready for his first swim in Gulf Shores....

My sister(my OLDER sister I always like to say, much to her chagrin), sent me this video of a sea turtle hatching where she lives in Gulf Shores Alabama. It’s almost 10 minutes long…but if you watch to about the midway point, a hundred  tiny turtles come scrambling out of the nest. It’s a big event for people who live at the beach, and they are very protective of the nests and the hatchlings…the nests are marked, and have a wire covering on top of them, so nothing can get to the nest before they hatch, and people keep an eye on them…111 turtles hatched that day!  So sweet, as they all paddle their way to the water, by instinct. As you’ll see, the residents even build a little “autobahn” for the baby turtles, a kind of  “turtle chute“to make getting to the Gulf of Mexico less laborious. And off they go…, into the waves….to their destiny.

And speaking of off they go, to their destiny….I’m almost afraid to say the words, lest I jinx it, but…my daughter… has a job. In a bad economy, a real, live job….with a wonderful non-profit organization in town that does such good work. I’m really excited/relieved/hopeful/ for her….after the first day she came home and flopped on the sofa with an, “I’m exhausted!”.  And I know exactly how she feels…it’s overwhelming when you’re at a new place, learning new things, trying to be what they want you to be, when you’re not sure what that is, and knowing that everyone is watching the new girl. I’ve been there too…many times. It is exhausting. I was unbelieveably tired my entire first year here at WBAL-TV…just exhausted when I got home, until I got used to the pace, and the work.  That’s just the way it is. But I bought her a pretty little case for her cards, as a small first week on the job present…she was so pleased. And I’m proud of her…my own little hatchling, off the to the sea.. to her destiny. You go, girl! And sis Audie…thanks for the video…I could listen to the waves all day.


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  1. WOW! Thank you, Audie and Donna… What a wonderful experience… the wonder of nature! I am amazed at how they know just what to do… that instinct is so strong, to go in the correct direction, to live! That was something I believe that I would never experience firsthand. And the waves, such a peaceful, restful sound!

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a great video. Another amazing site is seeing a full grown sea turtle at sea. I had the pleasure of seeing some while on a cruise last year. They were huge from the top deck of the cruise ship. I can only imagine their size up close!

    Also, congrats Donna on your daughter’s job. I’m sure you are extremely proud of her. Best of luck to her.


  3. Thanks for sharing the link! I’ve read about this amazing phenomenon and was thrilled to get to see it in action!

  4. hi sis–its a week later–aug 298th–and i just saw my first turle births!! it happened about 9 pm–87 turles scurried to the water–it was incredible–just like the video–but darker-so it was nice to have seen the daytime birth–i understand that is unusual–i named a turtle for you and cada and breanna–they were all strong by the time they were at the waters edge–hope they will return to be moms themselves! i love you–audie

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