Michael Vick’s second chance…..How do I feel, how do I feel??

Some of the dogs made it, some didnt....

Some of the dogs made it, some didn't....

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about Michael Vick  getting a $1.6 million first year paycheck (not guaranteed),…. now that he’s out of federal prison, of course. The better natured and more forgiving side of Donna says,Hey…MV paid the price required of him by society. He did his time. And far too many people who come out of prison, go back to a life of crime because they can’t make a living in the honest world(not that that was ever a problem for Vick). So….shouldn’t he be allowed to make a living(ok, a fortune), doing what it is he does…a.k.a., throwing a ball and running around on a 100 yard field for big bucks while he’s being chased by really big men? Yes, he probably should. Ok, that’s the nice, fair Donna.

The other me says, NO way should that dog killer be paid over a million dollars this year, and maybe 5 million the next! He just doesn’t deserve it and should be pun-ish-ed forever.Once an animal abuser…well, you get the drift of my bad angel side.  I’m sure many of you have stronger feelings than me on the subject.

My son in NY thinks MV has paid his price and has a lot of good football left in him. Let the man play. My daughter, on the other hand, is horrified about the idea. She is on the “pun-ish-ed forever” side. It must be said she doesn’t forgive easily.

But whether anyone likes it or not, Michael Vick will(quickly) get his second act…his second chance at leading a good life. And by good life, I don’t mean high living… though he will get that chance too. I mean good life, in the context of deciding who he wants to be and what he wants to give back to our society, besides dog-fighting, which really isn’t needed at all.

At a new conference today, Vick had this to say, among other things…”For the life of me, I can’t understand why I was involved in such pointless activity.  Why did I risk so much at the pinnacle of my career?”  That is an excellent question MV, and one to which  you could no doubt use some time in a therapists office to find the answer. Why do people who have it all, do bad things….illegal things, that they don’t need to do? 

I dunno…but the man has made a vow to crusade for animal’s rights in Philly…that one will seem ironic at best, for many people. Perhaps his heart is finally, in the right place. We shall see, we shall see.

Have a good weekend everybody…play nice, give your dog a hug, and come home safe.

7 Responses

  1. I think Vic deserves the same treatment he gave those dogs. There is no way he has reformed. In my opinion, I cannot stand to look at him.

  2. What is this society we live in when ex convicts can’t get a ligitimate job because of there criminal backgroud, reformed or not, but M.V. a public figure, could be sports hero to some is paid more than anyone should be to play a game after a federal conviction? Furthermore, doesn’t the NFL have any scrupples? Does it really need M.V.? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and mark my words the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia will regret it soon. And we are still in a recession!

  3. My gut says he’s sorry, not sorry for his actions, BUT sorry he got caught!!!

  4. Karma is a bit**! I’m a strong believer. I sure know i don’t want my kids idolizing someone who could be so cold hearted. Good call Philly let me know how that works out for ya!

  5. As a dog lover, I despise what Vick did, that’s cruelty beyond imagine. But, he did serve his sentence. I know a lot of you think he just sat back in prison and had one big party for 4 years. Prison isn’t any vacation, he was deprived of his freedom. Until you’ve gone through it, you don’t know what it’s like. Plus, he’s ruined financially, so he’s not living high on the hog now. Most of the money he earns from the contract is spoken for already.

    Do I feel sorry for Vick, no way. He earned that prison time, lack of freedom, and financial ruin. IMO, he could have spent more time in prison, but it was longer than Donte Stallworth, who spent only 24 days in jail for getting drunk and killing someone with his vehicle.

    If you think that all ex-felons should be kicked to the curb and forced to take minimum wage jobs for the rest of their lives, then that’s heartless. God has commanded us to forgive others, regardless of the sin against us. It’s a good thing God doesn’t approach our sin the way you approach Michael Vick’s.

    And, for the mindset of, “he’ll never change and will do it again”, you’re only guessing. Not EVERY person who does such things repeats them! And, last time I heard, we don’t sentence people for future crimes in this country!

    Of course, I find it appropriate that he was signed by a team that has had a jail cell in the stadium for out of control fans!

  6. While what Vick did was wrong… which everyone knows. He served his time and has played an even bigger role in bringing the dog-fighting issues in this country to center stage (not intentional of course).

    I believe in giving people a second chance. Plus with his media attention, he can actually make a difference in the dog fighting world. Punishing him any longer is not going to fix the dog-fighting problem… I would like to see something positive come of this! It is a nice way to live 🙂

  7. Donna,
    Vic is a sickening human being….if you can’t have love for an animal then you aren’t much….If that were your kids or mine they would still be in jail and when they got out…they would not return to making MILLIONS…they wouldn’t even be able to get a job at McDonalds!!!

    Vic need to have the same treatment his did to those poor helpless dogs!!!!

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